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Back in the days of Hispanic IRC chat and the mythical Terra chat, many people entered these instant messaging forums to find people with similar tastes. There were all kinds of chats: nature lovers, tech chats, people from your city, motor enthusiasts etc. Although people mainly used them for flirting! What rascals!

Today this type of platform is practically extinct - Chatroulette continues, but its purpose is something else entirely - and they are no longer as popular as 15 years ago. Now the closest thing to that type of chats are WhatsApp groups: friends from work, school, colleagues, the group of mothers and fathers from school - from what I have been told this type of group is a real madness -, and the like. However, all of these groups have one thing in common: they are usually groups of people we know personally.

WhatsApp groups: the app to find and join thematic groups of your interest on WhatsApp

If what we want is to meet new people and talk about different topics, there are several apps for Android that allow us to access thousands of WhatsApp groups, and join directly.

Most are in English, but there is a call “WhatsApp groups”(With more than 1 million downloads, which implies that it has a good number of users) that it is entirely in Spanish.

Download QR-Code WhatsApp Groups Developer: G.M.E. Price: Free

The operation of the app is very simple. The groups are classified by themes, which helps a lot to facilitate searches. Once we have found a group that interests us, we just have to click on it and select "Join on WhatsApp”.

Our WhatsApp app will automatically open and we can join the group by means of an instant invitation. The theme of groups is very varied: food, humor, games, politics and news, relationships, buying and selling, art and photography and many more. Some groups have few members, but others have hundreds of users. Finally, the app also gives us the option to create and publish our own thematic group.

"WhatsApp Groups" is a free application, but it will only let us join 6 groups per day. From there, we will have to wait for 24 hours to pass - or pay something like one euro - to be able to enter more groups.

We also have to bear in mind that by entering these groups, any member can see our phone number and profile photo. Do not forget it!

Other apps to find WhatsApp groups

Google Play has a small ecosystem of apps to search for WhatsApp groups. In addition to "WhatsApp groups"We have other applications such as"Whats Groups"Or"Groups Join Online for Whatsapp”. Although they have a somewhat higher rating, the truth is that they are in English and also have fewer active users.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 Go to store Google websearch Download QR-Code Group Join Online - Group Link - 60000+ New Groups Developer: Karma Info tech Price: Free

In any case, if you like WhatsApp and want to talk about your hobbies or meet new people, here is a free and simple alternative to chat from your mobile.

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