Classic Retro Game Console, a clone of the NES Classic Mini + 620 games

The launch of the NES Classic Mini from Nintendo last year was quite frustrating for a good number of fans. The lack of stock made that many people could not buy the console, being sold out in stores even from the first day of launch. The Chinese, who are very smart and have always had a good eye for this of the imitations, have not been waiting. Today, we talk about one of these clones, the Classic Retro Game Console. Shall we keep an eye on it?

Classic Retro Game Console, a knockoff NES Classic Mini with over 500 pre-installed games

The great point in favor in this type of clones or consoles is its incredible price. If the NES Classic Mini already had a moderate price - although if you look for it now on the net you will see that its price has skyrocketed, multiplying by 4 in many points of sale - devices like this Classic Retro Game Console take the cake: less than 20 euros ($ 20.99).

On the contrary, and as it cannot be otherwise, the quality of the materials used cannot be compared with the originals –although they have improved a lot in recent times and the finishes of this type of device are not bad at all in general- . We will not have an HDMI connection either. The experience, therefore, is much more rustic and close to what we could find in the 90's. A real retro experience, friends!

What games can we find inside this console?

The Classic Retro Game Console features a total of 620 pre-installed games beforehand. Classic-style games belonging to the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, with titles such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Mega Man, PacMan, Contra, Double Dragon and more.

Technical specifications

Here are the technical details of the device:

  • 620 pre-installed games.
  • 2 controllers.
  • AC 110-250V input.
  • DC 5V 500mA output.
  • TV signal system: PAL-D.
  • TV status: AV.
  • Weight 0.1450kg.
  • Dimensions: 22.00 x 16.50 x 7.50 cm.

Price and availability

The Classic Retro Game Console It is priced at $ 20.99, about 17.49 euros, on GearBest. If we are interested in getting this retro console, we can still adjust its price a little more using the following discount coupon:


Price with coupon: 16.99$

Coupon validity: 400 units

If you like classic platform games, shooting, racing, and, in short, the classic Nintendo catalog of the 80s and early 90s, this is one of the cheapest and most interesting alternatives that we can find today.

GearBest | Buy Classic Retro Game Console

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