WARP, Cloudflare's free unlimited VPN for Android

After 5 months of hype, Cloudflare has finally launched its new mobile VPN service: WARP. Until its launch this Wednesday, there were about 2 million people signed up to the waiting list to test the application, which shows the great demand that there was for a utility of this type.

What is WARP exactly? And most importantly, how is it different from the rest of the VPNs that we can currently find on Android?

WARP, a free VPN focused on privacy

The first thing to clarify regarding WARP is that it is not designed to hide our IP. Rather than a tool to facilitate access to content with regional blocking, WARP presents itself as “a VPN for people who do not know what a VPN means” (this is literally its slogan) and its goal is shield our privacy and security when connecting to the Internet.

WARP encrypts both the data and the DNS requests that we make, in such a way that our operator cannot know what we are doing. This, of course, also prevents anyone who is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as us from spying on us. Perfect to ensure the connection when we are connected to a public or open Wi-Fi (libraries, bars and cafes, airports, etc.).

The application is 100% free and unlimited, but there is also a paid service called WARP + that offers more speed and greater data encryption for 3.99 euros per month.

How to set up the Cloudflare VPN for the first time

WARP functionality is integrated into Cloudflare's app, so now in addition to offering us faster DNS, we can also connect to the Internet securely with their VPN service. The application can be downloaded directly without major problem from the Google Play Store.

Download QR-Code Faster & Safer Internet Developer: Cloudflare, Inc. Price: Free

Its activation is very simple. Once we have the application installed, we open it and click on the "ENABLE" button that we will see at the bottom of the screen. In this way we will enter the WARP menu.

Here, we just have to activate the giant tab that appears right in the center and click on “Install VPN Profile”. This will create the configuration file to connect safely: we accept the “Connection request” message and we will automatically see the “CONNECTED” message.

Use experience

After having been testing the Cloudflare service for a long time, we found that the connection speed is really exquisite. If it always works like this, the truth is that we are facing a firm candidate to become a leading application for our mobile.

If any application is not compatible with WARP and does not work correctly, the system also offers us the possibility of selectively disable the VPN. To do this, click on the settings button and go to "Settings -> More settings -> Connection options -> Disable for selected apps”, Where we can filter by applications.

In my case I was having problems with Google Photos, and I have been able to quickly fix it this way.

Privacy Policy: What does Cloudflare do with our data?

Like we did last week with Turbo VPN, we have reviewed the privacy policy of the app from Cloudflare. As it is a free service (and in principle quite premium) it is always advisable to review this type of information. Specifically, these are the data that they record for each user:

  • ID registration: The system registers a random identifier when we install the app. In theory, this ID is used to manage the referral system offered by the application.
  • Data transferred: We keep track of the amount of data we consume through WARP.
  • Average speed: The developers also collect the connection speeds obtained.
  • Added use: Finally, there is also a control of the amount of traffic per website and per region.

The data that scares me the most is that information is collected about the pages we visit, but it is assumed that only the volume of traffic in general is counted and not the pages that each user visits in particular. Although taking into account that the app also associates us with an ID, it would not put our hand in the fire saying that they would not be able to cross these two data at any given time.

In any case, Cloudflare is a company with a certain prestige and it also clearly warns in its privacy policy that they will never sell our data to third parties, and that the information collected is the minimum necessary for the service to function properly, which should give us some peace of mind. in that sense. What do you think of the Cloudflare VPN?

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