How to create 3D photos with Facebook AI for Android

In 2018 Facebook launched a functionality that allowed create 3D photos from 2D images. However, this new technology until now was only available in high-end terminals with dual-lens cameras. Something that seems to change from now on, since a couple of days ago Facebook announced through its blog that it will extend the availability of this tool to the rest of the Android or iPhone terminals on the market, even if they only have a single lens. or are low-end devices.

To do this, Facebook's Artificial Intelligence uses techniques of machine learning to generate a three-dimensional structure from flat photographs. Something that can be applied both to the photos we take with the camera, as well as to any other image that we have downloaded over the Internet or have stored in the memory of our device.

The result is an image that "moves" as we turn or tilt the phone, revealing parts of the scene from another perspective. The result differs from one photo to another, but in general we can say that the effect is quite satisfactory.

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How to take a 3D photo with the Facebook app for Android

3D photos are now available to anyone who has their Facebook Android app updated to the latest version.

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The steps to follow are those:

  • Open the Facebook app and click on “¿What are you thinking?”.
  • In the list of available actions, scroll down until you find the action "3D photo”.
  • In the following message accept the message of "Allow access”And select an image from your gallery.
  • Once the image is processed you will see a draft of how it will be converted to 3D. Add a comment and when you have everything ready click on "To post”.

To achieve this type of effects, Facebook's AI has trained a convolutional neural network (CNN) with millions of public 3D images and their depth maps, along with various mobile optimization techniques that should help to make this type of images fluidly. and in a matter of seconds.

Does it work then? Well, the truth is that after trying a couple of photos we have obtained some interesting results. If we are regular users of the social network, without a doubt it is a tool that we can get a lot of use out of.

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