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Since two years ago Amazon.com acquired Twitch Its dominance of streaming through the Internet has been relentless and it is hardly news any more than for its competitors, who no matter how much they fight, it could almost be said that they see it unattainable.

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Much of the blame for its success comes from e-sports, in which a great vein has been found. Games like League of Legends, Starcraft or Hearthstone They sweep the platform, although in recent times there has also been a significant boom in the most popular mental sports. Poker is a good example and players like Jason somerville they already have their star status on Twitch, in part thanks to the fact that the broadcasts from their channel “jcarverpoker " are followed by a legion of fans. Chess, which still does not have that much pull, tries not to lag behind and its industry tries to sharpen its ingenuity to be also visible.

An effective marketing plan

That seems to have done the multiplatform chess Pure chess , which last Friday the 9th launched an interesting promotion on the occasion of the launch of its latest title, and for this they resorted to one of the popular battles that we have witnessed on Twitch on multiple occasions. On this occasion, and from the challenge Twitch Vs Pure Chess Grandmaster, was allowed to connect thousands of spectators and players in a confrontation against the Grandmaster of chess Simon Williams , who put his knowledge at the service of the spectators in the most extreme situations of their confrontation.

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Around 6,000 people did not want to miss the opportunity to face a chess star, voting for the next move of the game in order to defeat the British. The task was not easy and in the first of the games Williams dominated the situation with solvency to finish winning after two hours of play.

The second confrontation began with a curious handicap for the Grandmaster, that he had to play blindfolded, using only his mind to retain the movements that an employee of Ripstone Games. Despite his level and the eagerness of his rivals to overthrow him, he managed to impose himself again, achieving victory in the second game of this face to face.

Impossible victory

It was in the third clash when Simon Williams could no longer contain the thrust of the thousands of users who joined the battle through Twitch and ended up giving up the point due to the impossibility of achieving victory. Possibly the mental fatigue after hours of play was unbalanced to give in to his opponents, who in the future will be able to boast of having beaten nothing more and nothing less than a chess Grandmaster on a board.

In addition to personal satisfaction for their feat, each of the thousands of participants who collaborated in completing the challenge was rewarded with various Ripstone material, such as games of Pure chess, Pure pook and Pure Hold 'Em.

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Here's the full replay with the development of the game (Source: Twitch)

A similar event had already taken place in 1999 when Gari Kasparov faced a large group of opponents in the same format. On that occasion his opponents voted the movements through messages, although that did not help them either to defeat the Russian champion. Without a doubt, the current method is much more efficient, and tremendously attractive to the general public, whether it is specialized or not.

All in all, a nice marketing stunt through Ripstone Games for the launch of Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition, the latest in the Pure Chess saga that already has more than 2.5 million players. This new title has already been on sale since the 9th for Steam and Xbox One, At a price of 12,99€.

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