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"SimSimi is an application that will allow us to talk to an ‘artificial intelligence’ capable of holding complex conversations using relatively elaborate language. " Or at least that's what the authors of this famous bot say. Many of the conversations with SimSimi are nothing more than disjointed straw, but be careful, because at times the bot enters a lucid state and gives you real pearls. I have installed the SimSimi app on my mobile and I have tried to have a little conversation with him ...

We started well. I had already read that he likes trolling, but this is already starting missing. What need was there, SimSimi? Well, I'm going to try to relax the atmosphere a bit and ask him about a TV program.

Okay. We are getting better. He has responded by telling me the end of the joke "What name would you give your son?" Not bad. In Fourth Millennium they often talk a lot about Hitler's UFOs, the secret weapons of the Nazi army and things like that. I'm going to continue around to see what happens.

Come on, let's go! Party! Pretty unfortunate, yes ...

Now I understand it better. He's an old conservative and quite the ballplayer. But you've been spoiled, SimSimi.

The truth is, homophobia fits the picture pretty well.

Now I'm going to ask you about politics. This one with how false it is sure that he tells me anything ...

Ojooooooo, eye! That the bot has a roll with Albert Rivera, and from what I see it is not that he is very fond of Rajoy ...

What everyone thinks, right?

SimSimi can also learn, and you can introduce questions and answers for him to use in later conversations with other people.

If you like SimSimi and want me to troll you for a while here are the download links.

iTunes: LINK

Android PlayStore: LINK

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