Halloween emojis come to WhatsApp Don't miss them!

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and there are not a few apps that have wanted to make a wink at this well-known holiday. Some apps have updated the design of their icon, others have included some extra functionality and others, such as WhatsApp, have decided to update your repertoire of emojis.

Among the new emojis: vampires, zombies, wizards and mermen

Although it is difficult to find them at first glance, WhatsApp has just included a few new emojis with "terrifying" motifs. Within this new series of emojis we find wizards, a couple of elves, some zombies, a couple of geniuses from the lamp and some mermaids.

A dozen emojis that, although they are nothing to write home about, can be used to greet our family and friends on Halloween in a slightly more original way. Then there will be some who surely know how to get a little more out of it, taking advantage of the always fun and hackneyed double meanings.

Get the new Halloween emojis for WhatsApp now

To be able to use the new WhatsApp Halloween emojis, it is enough that we have the app updated to the version 2.17.397 or higher. We will find them inside the keyboard of WhatsApp itself, just before the emojis of the professions.

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