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Surely you have heard this before: instead of chaining clicks to complete a task, you can perform a simple combination of keys to achieve the same end. These are called "keyboard shortcuts”.

It may seem silly but once you get used to using certain key combinations there comes a time when you think «How could I have lived until now without knowing this? But it is much more comfortable!»

Also, until you memorize them at first you always have those moments of doubt «¿¿Was it control + alt or shift + control?«. Come on, you have a great time putting your paw in (and sometimes you even learn a new shortcut without looking for it).

Here are the 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7:

  1. Windows key combined with the symbols «+» and «-« , this enlarges and reduces the view of the desktop.
  2. Windows key combined with left or right arrows, on systems with more than one monitor, moves the active window between the screens.
  3. Windows key and up or down arrows, maximizes the active window or minimizes it to the taskbar.
  4. Windows key and space key, useful when we want to see the desktop and we have many windows above it. Is what is called Aero Peek.
  5. Windows key and start key, it minimizes all the windows except the active one, if it is pressed again it is restored.
  6. Windows key combined with H key, maximizes the current window to full screen.
  7. Windows key combined with I key, the opposite, it restores the full-screen maximized window to the previous size and if it is already like that, it minimizes it.
  8. Windows key and E key, open "computer" (my PC).
  9. Windows key and F key, opens a search window.
  10. Windows key and L key, locks the session. Very useful when we have to get away from the PC for a while and we do not want to see what was being done, on the way back it asks us for the password to access.

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