5 practical tricks for Windows 10 that will make your life easier

That's funny. All my life using Windows and just today that I'm going to work on a piece of post from the ciborium about him latest operating system Microsoft, I find myself writing in Ubuntu and to make matters worse, with LibreOffice. Pedantic! Gafapasta! Heretic!

Well, after the pertinent moral lashes we are going to grease the machinery, and today I bring you a few more than useful tricks that will help us get a little more profit and performance from the favorite son of the Redmond, our beloved Windows 10.

5 mini-tricks to squeeze Windows 10 like a lemon

How to enable or disable printer sharing in a Home Group

The functionality of “Home Groups” allow us to share photos, music, videos and documents in a home network made up of 2 or more computers. This feature is available starting with Windows 7, and unless we have a version Starter or Home Basic we can take advantage of it without problems.

In addition to sharing documents, group members can share the same printer. Which comes in handy when we have a single PC at home connected to the printer and we want, for example, to send documents to print from the laptop via WiFi.

But by default, this option appears disabled in the system. To re-enable it, simply follow the following steps:

    • Press Win + X and access the Control Panel.
    • Go to Network and Internet.
    • Click on Home Group in the left panel.
    • Go to Change advanced sharing settings.
    • Here you will find the settings for file and printer sharing. It will be enough enable or disable printer sharing function and save the changes.

How to activate the "God Mode"

The not very well known God Mode or God mode Windows 10 is a kind of super administrator panel from where we can manage practically any section or system configuration. A mega control panel like you have not seen in your holy life. It is certainly a Easter egg, which means that it is hidden and that we will have to do a little trick to show it.

To activate the God Mode of Windows 10 we will do the following:

  • Go to drive (C :) and create a new folder in the root.
  • Rename that folder and name it "GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" (without quotation marks).

We will see how the folder changes its icon and the mysterious God mode Windows.

2 basic commands

One of the biggest annoyances of working with Windows is when we try to log off or turn off the computer and the system hangs trying to close the pending processes.

Today I am going to teach you a little trick that consists of executing a small command that will shut down the system without having to wait for all programs to close. To run it we just have to right click with the mouse just in the lower left corner of the screen and select "Run”.

Next we will write the following command:

shutdown -s

If instead of turning off the computer we only want to restart the system, we can write this other command:

shutdown -r -t 5

If we have problems to turn off the equipment regularly We can write any of these 2 commands in a notepad and change the file extension from .txt to .bat. In this way we will have a nice script that will execute the order whenever we double click on it.

How to find out the original installation date and time of Windows 10

If we are managing a small network of computers, or if we simply need to know the date on which we installed the operating system, we can use a simple command that will provide us with this information.

  • Press Win + X and go to Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Then type the following command line:

systeminfo | find "Original Install Date"

In this way the system will show us on the screen the exact date and time of the Windows 10 installation.

Foolproof combination to get rid of malware

This more than a trick is a small recommendation. Malware roams the web at ease, and as we are not careful we can suffer an infection from horse to nothing that we lose a bit.

When it comes to disinfecting a computer, everyone has their favorite programs: some use McAfee, others Karspersky, others use AVG and even Avira. My recommendation, after having been working as technical support for almost 10 years, is that you install good antimalware and good antiadware.

Here I am going to be direct, the 2 programs that work best (and which are also free) are Malwabytes Antimalware and Adwcleaner. To date there have been few infections that have not been able to eliminate these 2 programs.

You will read all kinds of opinions on the internet. That if this program is better, that if this other has a larger database, etc. Trust me, try Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner, and tell me.

As a last recommendation in this regard, I would advise installing these 2 applications, cleaning the computer, and then uninstalling them. It is a task that can be done every 3 months, and thus we avoid overloading the equipment with applications that in the long run can affect the performance of the equipment.

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