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It is known to all that the elite play in a very different league than the rest of us mortals play.

If you look at it, you will see that celebrities or people with money always end up dating people with the same characteristics. The reason is very simple, they move in the same circles and at the end comes the match.

The Techcrunch portal has discovered that Tinder already had this in mind and does not want famous or wealthy people to hang out with the mob, that's why have launched Tinder Select .

The only way to accessing Tinder Select is by invitation, so no, we have not entered. It seems that the interface is much more careful than in its version for ordinary people and the Tinder Select logo is dominated by a blue "S" for Select.

Do you want to know if you are among the elite? Unless you are famous, millionaire, model, elite athlete or something like that, no, you cannot enter.

Or maybe yes ...

It seems that the only way to enter ignoring what we have commented before is being "highly attractive", that is, you smash on Tinder.

It seems that Tinder has a scoring system For all its users, it measures how well the application is doing and only the most successful have the key to the paradise of the V.I.P.

This means that we must have many Match and in turn not give Like to everything that moves, you understand me.

What if a Tinder Select user wants to enter normal Tinder?

Tinder Select users can switch interfaces and thus join Tinder users in their current version. They can use both versions of Tinder, you know, belonging to the elite has its advantages.

This application will be one of the few that will not see the light and even if it did, we could not use it. We assume that it will never be released to the general public for more than obvious reasons.

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