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What would be cool to be able to send / receive SMS and manage notifications that reach us on the mobile from the screen of our PC? Pushbullet is an app for Android and ios which ensures that our telephone and our desktop computer "can talk" to each other.

Receive all notifications from your mobile on your PC screen

Once we have the app installed, both on our Smartphone and on the PC, whenever we receive a notification on our terminal, we will receive the same notification by means of a notice on the computer screen.

Although it may seem the opposite at first, it is a very useful tool that prevents us from checking our mobile phone every 5 minutes to see if we have received a new notification (don't worry, if you want to get away from work you can always go for a coffee or invent yourself some other strange excuse).

Send and receive SMS to any of our contacts from Windows itself, super practical!

Although SMS is less fashionable than ever (thanks, whatsapp!), It is still a utility that is still widely used, mainly in work environments.

With Pushbullet we can take SMS management to another level, allowing sending and receiving SMS as if it were just another Windows application, and with the plus of being able to write messages from a keyboard as Bill Gates commands.

File sharing, the icing on the cake

To finish rounding off that total interconnection, Pushbullet has added a new functionality toexchange files between devices wirelessly. The truth is that it is a tool that complements quite well with the rest of the app's utilities and it is something that is always appreciated.

In the end, it's all about trying to make things a little easier, and that's where I think Pushbullet achieves its goal. A simple and intuitive app, highly rated by the community (4.5 stars on Google Play) and with more than 1 million downloads on Android. It is definitely worth a look.

Download QR-Code Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more Developer: Pushbullet Price: Free +

It seems that a few days ago Samsung has started to catalog this application as malware. Perhaps it has something to do with the South Korean company trying to relaunch Sidesync, an app that basically does the same as Pushbullet ...

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