How to backup WhatsApp to the cloud

WhatsApp makes backup copies of our chats daily, backing up our chats and files up to a maximum of 7 days in the internal memory of our mobile. It is undoubtedly a useful function that allows us to restore WhatsApp in the event of any unforeseen or unwanted deletion. What not everyone knows is that we can also do a backup of WhatsApp in the cloud.

In the case of Android, the backup is done in Google drive, and in the case of iPhone in our account iCloud. To make a backup of WhatsApp in the cloud and be able to restore it whenever we need it, we just have to follow the following steps.

How to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

If we have a phone Android, WhatsApp will use the Google Drive cloud storage space of the Gmail account associated with our phone to save the backup.

  • We open WhatsApp and go to "Settings”.
  • Click on the section "Chats -> Backup”.

  • If this is the first time that we try to make a backup in the cloud, WhatsApp will ask us to we give him permission to upload the copy to Google Drive, as we see in the image below.

  • Finally, we just have to click on the green button "Keep"To start the backup process and WhatsApp upload the corresponding backup to our Drive account, with all the messages, photos and files.

We can also check the box "Include videos so that these are added to the Google Drive backups.

Setting up regular backups in Drive

If the process of making a manual copy seems like a bummer and we prefer WhatsApp itself to take care of make and upload backups automatically, just go to “Google Drive Settings -> Save to Google Drive”And choose the periodicity automatic copy (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, "Only when I touch Save" or "Never").

How to restore a WhatsApp backup saved in Google Drive

When we need to recover the copy stored in Google Drive, it will be enough to uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it. Once our phone number is verified, the application will give us the option to restore our files and messages from Google Drive.

How to backup WhatsApp to iCloud

For Apple users, backups of chats and images in the cloud are done in the same way:

  • Let's go to the section "Settings" by WhatsApp.
  • Click on the option "Chat settings"And we access"Chat copy”.
  • In the button "Automatic copy”We select the periodicity of the copy.
  • Finally, just select "Backup now”To make a copy at the moment of all our conversations and photos, keeping them safely in iCloud.

To restore iCloud backup all we have to do is uninstall WhatsApp from our iPhone and reinstall it. During the installation process WhatsApp will give us the possibility to recover the copy from iCloud, with a message that indicates "Restore chat history”.

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