The Tumblr Syndrome (Internet Humor XI) - The Happy Android

It seems that this section is reluctant to disappear like tears in the rain, so here we are for another week with «The Tumblr Syndrome«. What crazy things have we come across recently on the net? We begin with a small nod to Catalonia and the great Eugenio ...

The best explanation to date of the last transformation of Goku in Dragon Ball Super.

Let's see if they take it out for this Christmas already at once. You want to try Bertín Kong.

The last thing you lose is hope.

Cover of issue # 1 of Marvel 2 in 1, by art and grace of the great Alex Ross.

Be careful with wearing a hoodie after 30.

NASA always hiding the truth from the world.

From how bad it is, it is even good and everything.

The things people do with the Piktochart ...

The Twister game off-road version.

Tumblr Syndrome: It is said of the one who enters Tumblr to take a quick look and ends up being swallowed for hours - totally involuntary -, losing all response to external stimuli, and neglecting even such primal instincts as food or the very survival of the subject in question .

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