The 10 best apps to exploit the potential of your Chromecast

A Chromecast device is the most convenient if we do not have a smart TV at home. It is tremendously easy to install (we only need an HDMI input), and once synced, it allows Sendany type of content we have on our mobile (videos, music, photos, etc.) to the TV screen.

Top 10 Apps for Chromecast

However, we must bear in mind that the Chromecast device that we connect to the TV, as such, does not allow the installation of any app. Its operation is quite simple: we connect both the Chromecast and our Android / iOS mobile or tablet (yes, it also works with iPhones and iPads) to the same WiFi network. And from here, we can use any Chromecast compatible application from our phone and send your content to the TV screen. In short, something like "see what's on the phone, but from the TV."

That said, there are many Android apps that are compatible with Google's "spike", but what about?what are the best apps for Chromecast? In the following list we show you a few brushstrokes of the most popular and interesting.

Google Home

This is probably the first application that we will want to install if we have a Chromecast at home. It is the official app for Chromecast and it will help us to synchronize it with our phone. But not only that, it is also the best option if what we want is send or "cast" the screen of our phone to TV without complications.

Download QR-Code Google Home Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Netflix / Amazon Prime / HBO

The Chromecast wouldn't be half as good as it is if it weren't apps like Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime Video. Many people buy one of these devices just to be able to watch your favorite series and movies in your living room and on the big screen.

Its usability is as easy as it can be: we just have to click on the “Chromecast” icon (a square with 3 stripes on the side) to send the content to the TV.

Download QR-Code Netflix Developer: Netflix, Inc. Price: Free The button to «send» to the TV, clearly visible.


The experience of watching YouTube changes a lot when we go from a mobile device to a much larger screen, such as a TV. It is much more practical, it facilitates the viewing of longer videos, thanks to the convenience of being able to watch them quietly lying down from the sofa. An essential that cannot be missing in our app drawer if we have a Chromecast at home.

Download QR-Code YouTube Developer: Google LLC Price: Free The button to send to the Chromecast in any YouTube video.


Plex is another of the basics, especially if we want to have everything connected in a single multimedia center. Perfect for accessing all those movies, videos, music, pictures, and more multimedia files that we have hosted in the cloud or on the PC.

It allows us to create our own library, with all our series, photo albums and other downloads perfectly organized. Compatible with both Chromecast and other DLNA devices.

Download QR-Code Plex: Stream Free Movies, Shows, Live TV & more Developer: Plex, Inc. Price: Free Plex, an institution for years.


BubbleUPnP is another magnificent application that allows us to send all our music, videos and photos in streaming to practically any device with WiFi that we have at home. It is compatible with Chromecast, but also with PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One and other devices with DLNA.

We can send content to the TV from a lot of sources, such as the local files of our phone, UPnP / DLNA servers, Google Drive, Google Photos, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, TIDAL, Qobuz and many others.

Download QR-Code BubbleUPnP for DLNA / Chromecast / Smart TV Developer: Bubblesoft Price: Free


The best way to enjoy music legally without playing the goose on Piratebay and such sites. If we have a Chromecast, we just have to open Spotify on the mobile and click on the button "Available devices"To see the title of the song on the TV screen, and listen to its music on speakers a little more decent than those of our mobile. Practical and very convenient.

Download QR-Code Spotify: Music and podcasts Developer: Spotify Ltd. Price: Free

Google Photos

Google Photos is probably the best service to store photos online. It has a practically unattainable limit, although it is there: 10,000 photos or videos in private albums. Of course - and even more in the case of a product from Google itself - it is compatible with Chromecast, facilitating the viewing on TV of all the photos that we have stored in the cloud.

As a curious detail, we can create beautiful collections with personalized photos and upload them to the Chromecast to show them on TV when the device is on standby.

Download QR-Code Google Photos Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Solid Explorer

A good way to take advantage of the Chromecast functions is to use applications that are compatible, such as this file explorer for Android. It has an elegant Material Design type design, supports FTP, SFPT, WebDav and SMB / CIFS, plus various cloud storage services.

If we are used to browsing through the folders on our phone, this is a great alternative to, in addition to that, being able to send any file locally or in the cloud, and project it on TV in a matter of seconds.

Download QR-Code Solid Explorer File Manager Developer: NeatBytes Price: Free

iVoox: Podcast & Radio

If you are fans of podcasts and radio Like me, surely you have heard of iVoox, one of the largest platforms for this type of sound content. The application allows us to create our own lists, favorites, slow down or speed up playback, scheduled shutdowns and a lot of other things. How could it be otherwise, it is also compatible with Chromecast.

If you like this type of content, don't hesitate to take a look at Pocket Casts, an English platform very similar to iVoox, with tons of high-quality podcasts.

Download QR-Code Podcast & Radio iVoox - Listen and download for free Developer: iVoox Podcast and Radio Price: Free

As always, if you know of any other app that deserves to be on the list, do not hesitate to recommend it in the comments area.

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