The Tumblr Syndrome: Summer Special (II) - The Happy Android

The truth is that I really wanted to take up this section of cutters with internet hubbub. I had forgotten how much fun it was! In the end, reviewing all the photos that you have here below, I have realized that I have a slightly green post. I swear to you that it was not my intention (initial). By the way! The cover image is a montage by Shusaku Takaoka.

Changing the subject: my girlfriend says that lately I have gone from looking at Alaska with a certain indifference, to having a little dislike for it. Until now I didn't really know why, but after seeing this tweet I think I have it a bit clearer ...

Some speeches never go out of style. The same is true for a torn as for an unstitched.

Unfathomable dilemmas.

Goodbye, Goku! And thanks for everything!

Whoever says that there is photoshop here is that he is envious and that's it.

The karaoke we were all waiting for.

To take away or to eat here?

More graphic, impossible.

Look, Paqui! Take a picture of me with this trilobite ...

The future looks terrifying.

The best fails of the week.


A little misunderstanding.

Oh well! It is done? If you want to continue seeing bullshit like pianos, you can take a look at the previous editions of the "Tumblr Syndrome" at the following list.

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