The best repositories to download free images

Image banks are repositories from which to download images for our projects and creations. In many of the following web pages we will find images at your disposal that we can download and use without any restriction, but in others (usually those of higher quality) we must take into account the type of rights or license offered in each case by the owners of these images.

But don't worry, most of these repositories work with licenses of the type Creative Commons. In any case, they all offer a fair deal, so if you are thinking of getting any of them always make sure to read the fine print.

Types of Creative Commons licenses

While browsing the following websites, you will surely come across different types of Creative Commons licenses. Here is a small explanatory guide to each of the variations for these types of licenses:

Without further ado, here is a small list of quality websites from which you can download images for free and legally.


This is one of the most popular and widely used repositories of free photos and images on the Internet. Most of the content that we will find here does not require acknowledgment and is free to download for commercial use. Nevertheless, its great strong point is its wardrobe, being one of the largest repositories of free images and videos with millions of stock images.

Personally Pixabay is one of my favorite sources, although it also has its downside. Being so well known, you will see that its images appear on many Internet web pages, so a certain originality is lost when using its content.

Enter Pixabay


A few months ago I discovered another image repository called Unsplash and the truth is that now it is the one I use the most frequently. It is not such a well-known website, so your content is still fresh and original. It has a large repertoire of images on all kinds of topics. The website is oriented towards photography, so if we click on the "Info" button that appears next to each photo, we will be able to see the lens used by the artist, the camera and other technical details.

As far as the license is concerned, all photos on Unsplash are free to download, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and do not require attribution. One of the best sites to get free images for your blog.

Enter Unsplash

Other free image banks

Besides these there are other image repositories where we can find free material for our projects.

And that's all! If you have any recommendations, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area.

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