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For the new version of Android 10, Google decided to move forward in order to achieve a much more complete dark mode. Something that he has already begun to test natively in Android Pie, but on which he had not delved too much. If you have Android and you also want activate the "dark mode" in your terminal, today we explain how to get it regardless of your operating system version.

What is dark mode for?

Dark mode has been gaining popularity in recent times. Thanks to the "night theme" we not only get reduce eyestrain, but also we save battery in the device if we have an AMOLED type screen.

Taking into account that the mobile phone is already part of our daily routine and that we use it an average of 5 hours a day, replacing the light colors of screens and menus with other more muted, grayish or directly black, is something that we should value.

How to activate the "dark mode" or dark mode in all versions of Android

Dark mode is rolling out in a phased manner, which means that, depending on our phone brand and our Android version, we will have to use one method or another to achieve our goal.

Dark mode in Android 10 natively

When the first beta of Android 10 was presented in early 2019, one of the things that most caught the attention of the Android community was the development of a new dark mode for the operating system. A much more complete dark mode than the one that could already be seen in the previous version of Android Pie.

If our terminal is Android 10 we can activate the dark mode simply by entering the system settings:

  • Go to the main configuration menu under «Settings».
  • Go to «Screen» and activate the sliding tab corresponding to «Dark theme».

  • As an added feature, you can also click on "Dark theme" and schedule it to activate automatically at night and deactivate in the morning.

How to activate dark mode in Android 9 Pie

Android Pie was the first version of Android to offer night mode natively. On smartphones with Android One and Android Go it is implemented in the default screen settings. As for the rest of the models and customization layers, it depends on the manufacturer.

For example, if we have a Samsung smartphone updated to Android 9, we can enable it by activating the “Night mode”In the screen settings.

Activate dark theme on Android One

If we have a mobile with Android One, such as the Xiaomi Mi A2, we can activate the dark mode from:

Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Device theme

How to activate dark mode in Android 8 Oreo and earlier versions

For users of versions prior to Android Pie things get a bit complicated, since there is no night mode natively. However, we can still achieve this by installing an application for this purpose, such as a launcher.

Use dark mode by installing a launcher

Launchers are used to customize the user interface on Android. Therefore, it is understandable that they also consider night mode among their customization options.

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Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android, and how can it be otherwise, it also offers night mode. This is located within the configuration options of the Nova Launcher itself.

Dark EMUI for Huawei and Honor phones

If we have a Huawei or Honor smartphone, we can get the dark mode using this theme for mobiles with EMUI. It is inspired by Android P and offers a night interface for those who have versions of Android 8.0 and lower.

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Make use of the night theme at the application level

To finish, mention that if we do not want to install a launcher or have the option to activate it at the system level, we can always take advantage of and enable dark mode in those apps that allow it.

Many of Google's apps already have dark mode, such as Google maps, the app itself Contacts: and the app Telephone.

Facebook Messenger it also already allows the setting of the night mode. Other apps like WhatsApp They have not been left behind either and after several years announcing it they have finally implemented the dark mode. If you have difficulties to enable it in your terminal, take a look at this other post in our secondary blog on how to activate the night mode in WhatsApp.

Recently in the Facebook app for Android Dark mode is also being deployed as we explained in THIS ARTICLE, and many other popular applications such as Instagram, Reddit or Chrome also already offer this service.

In any case, remember that if you have tired eyes or spend a lot of time in front of the mobile screen, it is a configuration that can undoubtedly be really beneficial. In addition, aesthetically it gives a very interesting touch to the mobile, which is not bad either.

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