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I was never entirely clear what Dragon Ball AF was. I remember in the early 2010s hearing something about an alternate Dragon Ball manga. Something done by fans and that told how the story of Goku and company would continue, far from the baton of master Toriyama. A great doujinshi. The doujinshi definitive. Unfortunately, I never got to know much more about it ...

Between the end of Dragon Ball GT and The Battle of the Gods: that dark time

The first decade of the 21st century was a very hard dry season for fans of Toriyama's magnum opus. Dragon Ball GT was undoubtedly a bad dream, and it had also long since stopped airing. We could only take refuge in the video games that were released for the Play and the Wii, and the odd one hundred-in-the-wind TV special.

Before Dragon Ball Super, and long before The Resurrection of F and The Battle of the Gods, an amateur mangaka who signed as Toyble began to publish on his blog Dragon Ball AF, a manga that over time, would take him to the top.

Dragon Ball AF, Lyra and Son Goku's secret son

The truth is that the manga of Dragon Ball AF (After The Future) you have to understand it in context. No new DB stories had been published for centuries, and such a well-drawn comic with a fairly passable plot was welcomed by fans with open arms - the few who, at least, knew of its existence.

This doujinshi -manga made by fans- is written and drawn by Toyble -now he calls himself Toyotaro-, the same mangaka as years later I would end up drawing the Dragon Ball Super manga. The best Akira Toriyama impersonator today, and without a doubt, his most faithful heir.

A story that still retains some of the magic of DBZ

Dragon Ball AF consists of 4 volumes, where we can read an interesting alternative continuation of Dragon Ball Z. Lyra, the Kaio Shin of the West who was believed dead at the hands of Majin Boo, turns out to be a madwoman who is dedicated to doing genetic manipulations. She is the mother of Freeza and a Saiyan named Xicor -or Zaiko-, son of Lyra herself and Son Goku.

Lyra and Xicor travel to Earth, intending to defeat Goku, but Goku has long since left Earth. From here, they meet Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and company ... and the party begins: transformations, Kaio Shins here and there, fights, dragons and holy swords. A fairly conventional story, but that little by little manages to hook the reader eager for nostalgia.

Expanding the mythology of Dragon Ball

There's also time to expand on the Dragon Ball mythology a bit. For example, here dragons are not created by Nameks, but are summoned from the world of Ryuo Shin, the world of dragons, and dragon balls are simply catalysts.

It seems that even Toriyama himself has used some ideas from this manga, such as the need to unite the light of several Saiyans to achieve a miracle (in this manga return the power to the dragon balls, in Dragon Ball Super give power to Goku and turn him into Super Saiyan God). Toriyama, you saw your feather duster there!

An outstanding and constantly evolving drawing

When it comes to drawing, the truth is that you can't put too many drawbacks on it. Although from time to time a strange pose sneaks in, and it shows that Toyotaro (Toyble) still had a long way to go, the graphic section is outstanding. Dynamic fights and expressive faces, along with the creation of new character designs make Dragon Ball AF a manga that could be published quietly on paper, and here no one would say anything. Quite the contrary!

Have you seen this Son Gohan in Super Saiyan level 4? Here he distributes more tow than in all of Dragon Ball Super, in which to this day it still seems a bad reflection of what this character was. Anyways, I digress…

If you want to read this interesting continuation of Dragon Ball Z, totally self-contained and out of canon, you are taking a long time to take a look at the following link.

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