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The protocol Bittorrent allows you to download and share files by fragmenting them into small pieces of data, distributed and shared by other users. In this way, you avoid depending on servers or hosts that store all the information. This method of sharing and downloading files is very popular, and many people use it to download movies, music or TV series from their PC or mobile device.

But not everything in this life is being a pirate: the system of torrents It is also a very useful tool for downloading Linux ISOs, game updates or sharing company files. The British government has even used this system to publish reports concerning the expenditure of public money.

The best torrent clients for Android

In the field of mobile devices, torrents are also very widespread and there is a large number of apps to download torrent files from an Android phone.Here is a list of some of the most popular applications.


µTorrent has been in the torrent world for years and has always had an excellent reputation. It is one of the most popular clients for PC thanks to its simplicity of use and an interface that has the right and necessary functions. In Android µTorrent maintains the same spirit: a screen from which we can see and manage our downloads, the possibility of selecting where we want to save the files and a WiFi mode that only downloads files when we are connected to a wireless network.

Download QR-Code µTorrent®: Torrent Downloader Developer: BitTorrent, Inc. Price: Free


One of the most loved and top rated torrent clients by the community. We are before an open source project (its code can be found in GitLab) that offers support for Tor, proxies, magnet links, IP filtering, works on Android TV, and best of all: it has no ads of any kind despite being 100% free.

Download QR-Code LibreTorrent Developer: proninyaroslav Price: Free


Flud is a really popular application on Google Play with millions of downloads behind it. It has a simple design in Material Design and a lot of functionalities: selective downloads, supports magnetic links, WiFi mode and more.

Download QR-Code Flud - Torrent Downloader Developer: Delphi Softwares Price: Free


aTorrent is very similar to µTorrent. It shares the same characteristics in addition to adding the possibility of managing the SD memory, but it seems that they still have problems with the latter. The app is designed following Material Design guidelines and It has a widget that allows us to see the status of our downloads from the desktop.

Download QR-Code aTorrent - Torrent Downloader Developer: Mobilityflow Torrents Price: Free


BitTorrent is the official app, as well as one of the best alternatives on the market to download torrents. It has the latest advances in torrent management and downloading, and easier to use magnet links, it also offers a lot of music and videos which download is completely legal. I am the one I usually use on my desktop computer.

Download QR-Code BitTorrent®-Torrent Downloader Developer: BitTorrent, Inc. Price: Free


Vuze is another well-known application in the PC world, and the truth is that the Android version is not bad either. I remember years ago, when I discovered torrents, I spent a lot of time using this application. The Android version of Vuze allows you to control download and upload speedsIt has WiFi mode and alerts that notify you once the download has been completed. Another great option to download torrents from Android.

Download QR-Code Vuze Torrent Downloader Developer: Azureus Software, Inc. Price: Free


Although it started out as a simple fork of LimeWire, Frostwire it has evolved into a really competent torrent client. In addition to the basic functionalities, it has a torrent search engine, a media player and a small folder manager. A good choice for those looking for an all-in-one.

Download QR-Code FrostWire Downloader: Torrents Client + Developer Player: Price: Free


This Android application allows remote control torrents from our home PC or personal server. If we install this app on our mobile device We can start downloads, add torrents, set priorities and all this remotely from our terminal. There is a more powerful version called Transdroid. Unfortunately it is not available on Google Play and we will have to access your official website to get hold of it.


zetaTorrent has some features that make it really special. It has a integrated web browser with ad block, a folder manager and supports a large number of protocols, such as DHT, local peer discovery, uTP, and Peer Exchange, plus many other extra features.

Download QR-Code zetaTorrent - Torrent App Developer: teeon Price: Free


tTorrent has decided to stop capping the download speed, and has become a free app for Androd that It has an integrated torrent search engine, supports magnet links and RSS functionalities. Also, if you are an advanced user you can configure IP filtering, proxy management and much more.

Download QR-Code tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client Developer: tagsoft Price: Free

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