How to activate dark mode in the Facebook app for Android

Since 2020, Facebook for Android decided to implement the dark mode within your platform. This design was created in order for users to enjoy a more rested view, allowing to extend the time that mobile equipment is used, as well as the battery. In the long run, the battery performs better, in relation to its useful life.

The use of this mode started in the first three months of this year. He made his first appearance on the web version of the social network. At present, this mode is already is being used on Android mobiles and iOS in different applications.

At the beginning, it was only available as a beta version, so only some users could enjoy this feature. But, currently, it has already been incorporated natively in the application. Activating dark mode in the Facebook app for Android can be done in simple steps.

Facebook dark mode

The dark mode in the different applications has become very popular lately. And this 2020 has reached the application created and designed by Mark Zuckerberg and his team. Facebook for a long time I already implemented it in the Messenger app. This mode makes the interface more manageable for users, since it adapts to their tastes and vision.

The company had been working on this feature for a long time. He had already let us know by showing us progress of the app on the platform. Such was the case in the video area. We observe the presence of dark backgrounds, while the rest of the application remained clear. However, dark areas can already be observed throughout the application, leading to dark mode on Facebook for Android.

Among the changes that we observe within the application we can mention:

  • Newswall update backgrounds are dark
  • At the level of the friend recommendations sections
  • On the personal wall the coloration is dark gray, while the headboard remains white.

We can also see dark remains in the Facebook configuration area. Especially at the level of the names of the submenus when we activate them.

In other words, we can say that it is already possible to enjoy the dark mode in the Facebook application for Android. This despite the fact that it is not evenly distributed in all areas of the application.

How to activate the dark mode in the Facebook application for Android?

As we already know, this modality is new on the platform. So many of the users are unaware of its existence, and in some cases its handling. Here are the steps you must follow to make use of it:

The first step is to open the “Facebook” application. Next, we go to the main menu, and we touch the icon whose symbol is three horizontal stripes. This is in the lower right. This will immediately unfold.

In the new window that appears, we go to the option Settings and privacy and we play on it. A new menu will be displayed in which we find the Dark mode. Press and the screen will display the three options. The first is to enable this feature, the second to disable it, and the third to have the app use the device theme by default.

If users wish to activate this mode in the instant messaging platform, they must do so from the Messenger app. Within the main interface, you need to tap on the profile image (at the top profile). A screen with all the settings will be displayed. Just below the user's name, the Dark Mode option appears. Flip the switch to change the theme of the application.

Another option from Android can be to activate the dark mode in the Settings. Enter the Screen section, select Advanced options and then click on Device Themes. Choose auto dark theme, or dark mode. This will cause the application interface to change.

This option is ideal for when night falls and we want to continue browsing from our device. The light will be less annoying for our eyes. It is important to note that if we want to deactivate the mode, we only have to follow the same steps in the same order.

Battery saving, advantage of activating the dark mode of Facebook and other applications

Different applications already had this feature, and Facebook for Android could not escape. It has become an ideal option especially for users to be able to use their mobile phone frequently. It significantly reduces eye strain that can be caused by the light emitted by the phone. This is thanks to the fact that the brightness decreases when we are dealing with dark colors.

It should be noted that this is not the only benefit that the dark mode includes. Another advantage it offers is the saving on equipment battery. It will favor its performance. This occurs because when activating this mode, the screens that include OLED technology act by turning off the pixel section completely, in order to represent the black color. Your view will be protected, and the useful life of your equipment will be extended.

Active dark mode on other platforms

Facebook users have the opportunity to use the social network on different platforms. The most recognized is the web version, since it was where it had its origins. Once on the site, display the menu by clicking the button with an arrow in the upper right corner. Locate the option "Dark Mode", and click on it. Only possible if you activate the latest Facebook layout. For iOS, the same steps apply as for Android.

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