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It has always been said that Android is a system that does not need an antivirus (is that true?). Today, with the help of Google Play Protect, an antivirus that is integrated into the Play Store, we can detect a large number of threats before we even install them on our mobile or tablet. Therefore, if we leave aside the installation of apps through APK, we can say that Android is a relatively safe and virus-free place (and if not, if you like the risk you can always install a good antivirus).

However, in recent years, with the importance and value that users' personal and private data have acquired - the real gold of the Internet, where the real "money" is - spyware has become a full-blown threat . Many spyware hides behind applications that are legitimate and harmless in principle, and by not damaging or hijacking our device in most cases they go completely unnoticed until someone discovers them and they are removed from the Play Store.

The best free apps to detect spyware on Android

The objective of spyware is to spy on you, worth the redundancy. They send information about the pages you visit, your passwords, files and other data to the creator of the program. If at any given time you notice any suspicious activity and you think you may have spyware on your device, try one of these free antispy apps for Android.

Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner

Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner is another of the best rated antispyware apps on the Play Store today. It uses Artificial Intelligence to scan and detect potential threats, real-time signature updates, and heuristic detection methods. However, the free version of the app does not have real-time protection (for that we will have to go to the premium version).

In any case, this is a utility capable of detecting back doors, SMS fraud, Key Loggers, exploits, BankBots, Ransomware, LokiBots, AgentSmith, commercial spyware, DoS, Trojan downloaders, phishing, and other such threats. Highly recommended.

Download QR-Code Anti Spy Scanner and Spyware Developer: Protectstar Inc. Price: Free

Malwarebytes Security

In my long years as a support technician, Malwarebytes tools have always been a constant that has helped me solve the most varied virus and security problems. The Malwarebytes mobile app offers robust protection against spyware, adware, and malware in general. The best of all is that the Malwarebytes Security database is updated frequently, which gives us an extra layer of security against any recently created threat.

Download QR-Code Malwarebytes Protection: Antivirus & Anti-Malware Developer: Malwarebytes Price: Free

Spyware Detector

One of the most powerful and highly rated spyware detection apps on the Play Store. The developers promise to protect our Android from cyber threats, spies and unauthorized tracking tools. It should be clarified that it is not an antivirus or antimalware: it focuses only on detecting spyware and eliminating it.

Download QR-Code Spyware Remover FREE Developer: Incognito - Spyware Removal By Arcane Solutions Price: Free

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky is an all-in-one antivirus for Android. It scans the device in a personalized way or in real time in search of spyware, ransomware, Trojans and all kinds of malware. It also includes additional features such as a phone locator, anti-theft feature, phishing protection, password app blocking, web filtering, and more. When it comes to spyware as such, the free version is able to detect and remove spyware effectively and forcefully. A recommended tool to protect the mobile against spies and possible security breaches.

Download QR-Code Kaspersky Antivirus Android Free - Security Developer: Kaspersky Lab Switzerland Price: Free


Avast is one of the best antivirus, both for desktops and mobile phones. Its version for Android is capable of detecting all kinds of malware, including of course Trojans, spyware and other kinds. Apart from that, it also includes the so-called “Web Shield” that blocks any links with spyware or malware. One of the best antivirus, yes, but also an excellent spyware detector for Android.

Avast also includes other additional tools, such as a RAM booster, a VPN and other utilities, which I would personally recommend leaving aside, focusing solely on their main function: detecting threats on the device.

Download QR-Code Avast Antivirus 2020 - Android Security | Free Developer: Avast Software Price: Free

Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal)

If the only thing we are looking for is a free application that protects us from spyware, Anti Spy is a great option to consider. It has a disadvantage and that is that it has slightly intrusive ads, although otherwise it is a tool that does its job perfectly.

One of its most notable functions is that it controls the access of apps to the Active Device Administrator, which is in charge of managing the critical functions of any Android terminal. From here it not only detects and removes any possible spyware, it also creates whitelists with trusted applications.

Download QR-Code Anti Spy (SpyWare Removal) Developer: skibapps Price: Free

In addition to these antivirus and anti-spyware we also have other interesting utilities such as Bitdefender, which is supported by groups of cybersecurity experts, or Norton Mobile Security, antivirus with one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces on the market.

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