How to create your own custom font in TTF / OTF format

The font or typeface that we use in our projects and documents is usually essential, not only visually: if a text is not attractive or is too difficult to read, it can cause the reader to leave the ship prematurely.

To prevent this from happening, there are a lot of free fonts that we can download from the Internet and that will help us find the design that best suits our content. Although if we look a font that is 100% originalThere is nothing like getting down to work and doing it yourself, right?

How to create your own typeface from scratch

There are times when we are very clear about the typeface we want to use, but no matter how hard we search, we cannot find one that fits exactly what we need. We may even want digitizeour own writing style. In situations like this, if we have a little knowledge of design or like to draw and write by hand, we can create the font on our own and also completely free of charge.

Currently there are several programs and web applications that allow us to create custom fonts and then download them in OTF or TTF format in such a way that we can use them in Word, Photoshop, on our website or in the app that we are developing, etc. The profits are practically endless. These are Top 5 Free Font Creation Tools that we can find right now on the web. Do not lose sight of them!


FontStruct is a website to download fonts for free, but the best of all is that it also has a font creation tool. If we are looking for a clear and easy to read design this is one of the best options, since works by grids (pixel by pixel).

For each pixel or grid we can choose curved, rectangular and other designs, in such a way that the result allows us to achieve a 100% original and personalized font. Once the work is completed, we just have to click on the "Download" button to download the font in TTF format.

It is essential to register on the web to be able to use the font creator, but the good thing is that it has a lot of extras, such as a gallery with fonts already made by other users that we can view for inspiration, or directly download them for use them in our project.

Enter FontStruction

Metaflop Modulator

If going around designing pixel by pixel each of the letters seems too complicated or we do not obtain results that we like, without a doubt we should take a look at Metaflop. This online tool is much simpler, since allows you to modify the thickness,curvature, size and other font properties (a total of 16 adjustable parameters) until the desired result is achieved.

The best thing about Metaflop is that it allows us to see in real time the changes that we are applying to the base font, in such a way that the design work is very dynamic. Once we have the font to our liking, we can download it in OTF or webfont format. No registration required.

Enter Metaflop


Is there anything more personal than handwriting? If you want turn your own calligraphy into a font this is a web application that you cannot ignore. With Calligraphr we only have to print a template that they provide us on the page itself, fill in all the characters with our own handwriting and send them the result.

From here, the Calligraphr editor allows us to make some adjustments (change the thickness, add new lines) so that the font is just the way we want it. Fonts can be exported in both TTF and OTF formats.

The application is completely free, but requires registration and has a limit to the number of characters with which we can work simultaneously. If we want to break this barrier then we will have to go to the premium plan (which, logically, is paid). In any case, an excellent tool.

Enter Calligraphr


In this case, we put web applications aside to focus on an app for mobile devices called Fonty. Is about a free tool for Android very similar to Calligraphr, since it is responsible for creating fonts from our manual writing.

Of course, with Fonty we do not have to print any template and then scan it again. Here all the calligraphy must be done directly from the screen of the phone or tablet. The result is therefore not as natural as when we write on paper, but it is the most practical and simple way to create personalized fonts that we can then use on our smartphone (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, etc.) through the integrated keyboard that it brings Fonty himself as standard.

Download QR-Code Fonty - Draw and Make Fonts Developer: Photo and Video Apps Price: Free


This is without a doubt the most comprehensive tool on the list. FontLab is a kind of Photoshop but exclusively oriented to the creation of unique fonts and fonts. It is available for Windows / Mac and it has several types of brushes, lines, thicknesses and all kinds of editing settings to make the result as professional as possible. In addition, it has a function called FontAudit that detects inconsistencies in the stroke and any other type of irregularity so that we can correct it.

The application is not free, although it has a free 30-day trial period, more than enough time if we only want to create a font for a specific project. However, given its complexity, it presents a fairly high learning curve, so it may not be the most recommended option if what we are looking for is a quick solution.

Download FontLab

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