Top 10 KODI Skins of 2019 + Installation Guide

One of the great virtues of the KODI media player is that it allows a great level of customization. Thus, if you don't like the user interface, you can always change it to another that better suits your tastes and needs of the moment. In today's post, we review 10 best free customization skins for KODI.

How to install a skin on KODI

Before we begin, if we have never changed the visual aspect of KODI, it is advisable to take a look at the skin installation process. The truth is that it does not have much mystery, and we can carry it out with just a couple of clicks.

  • We open KODI and access the settings menu (gear icon in the side menu).
  • We navigate to "Interface -> Skins -> Skin”.
  • Click on "Get more”And we select the skin that interests us.

Unfortunately in the KODI repository there are a fairly limited number of skins (a dozen or so). If we want to install any other skin that does not appear in the official list, we can do it as follows:

  • We download the skin in ZIP format.
  • We open KODI and go to “Add-ons -> Install from ZIP file”.
  • We select the skin in ZIP format that we have just downloaded so that it is installed and ready.

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The 10 best skins for KODI of 2019

All the skins that we have used to compile this list are free and 100% compatible with the most recent versions of KODI 17 (Krypton) and KODI 18 (Leia).


One of the most powerful skins for KODI, both visually and at the personalization level. The user interface shows the control panel in a vertical arrangement, with wallpapers that change as we navigate through the menu. Likewise, when we enter a category, it shows us the titles seen and pending, as well as the metadata of the file to be played.

It seems that the GRID developers have put the project aside, and if we try to install the official package "bareback" it gives an error. To solve it, just make a small change in the code (I'll explain it below, in the Chroma skin). You can also download a version with the change already made that works perfectly, in the link that I leave below.

Download skin GRID (Source)


Very similar to other legendary KODI skins from a few years ago like nBox and LightBox. Its main hallmark is its navigation menu and the arrangement of icons, which are displayed in an orderly manner, in the form of boxes of different sizes. It also allows you to download the covers and info of the movies, series and discs from external sources so that everything looks much more beautiful.

Download skin BOX (also available from KODI's native skin repository)


Another classic KODI skin, with a minimalist design, optimized for screens with Full HD resolution. It has a lot of customization options. Do not lose sight of it!

Note: The official version of Andromeda has not been updated, so it is no longer compatible with the latest versions of KODI. To fix this, I have updated the skin to make it compatible with the KODI 18 Leia. You can download it from HERE.

Beautiful 7

Bello is one of the most popular skins for KODI, and a sign of this is that it is now in its seventh iteration. A sophisticated user interface that adds a really elegant touch to our favorite media player.

The interface is capable of showing posters of the movies and series that we have added, as well as additional information and a TV guide in case we use KODI to watch TV online.

Bello 7 is available for download from the official KODI repository within the application, or through the following installation package.

Arctic: Zephyr

If we are looking for a clean and really polished interface, this may be a highly recommended option. On this occasion, we will find the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen, with the tabs of the various films and others, in a horizontal arrangement.

It also allows you to change the display modes (list or poster mode) and create your own shortcuts along with the standard categories that come by default. Includes TV guide.

Download skin Arctic: Zephyr

Aeon Nox

The ideal skin for those looking for great visuals, with posters and images in grids that we can customize to our liking. Many configuration options for each type of content (music, videos, etc.), with additional information for each title in our library. It is also a lightweight skin that does not consume many resources: perfect for low-performance teams.

Aeon Nox is available for download from the official KODI repository (skins -> get more).


The idea behind Nebula is to display the maximum number of elements on the screen in the most orderly way possible. Thus, we find a simple skin, with a white cut and a central navigation bar with its corresponding sliding covers for each subcategory. Designed for computers with a high resolution screen (Full HD).

Download skin Nebula (compatible with KODI 18 Leia)

Xperience 1080

As its name suggests, this is a skin with a recommended resolution of 1920x1080p (Full HD). It is intended more for computers than for mobiles and tablets, since it is not 100% compatible with touch control.

This customization package allows you to download movie / series / music covers and posters, add new items to the start menu and various settings to give our KODI a different touch.

Xperience 1080 is available for download from the official KODI repository (skins -> get more).


For those who seek an interface with Material Design design. Like almost all the skins that we are seeing in this list, it is capable of showing the poster and description of each movie in the selection menu. Simple but effective.

In order to use this skin, it is necessary to install the Unity add-on from the KODI native add-on repository (details).


This is a skin that has been on the market for a few years now, a true classic. The interface may not be to everyone's taste, but it certainly has a loyal fan base.

If we have a high-quality TV, it can be a more than interesting alternative, since allows you to use wallpapers in high resolution.

Download skin Chroma

Note: The Chroma skin has not been updated and therefore it gives an error when we want to install it. In order to do so, we must unzip the ZIP, edit the file "addon.xml" and look for the line of code replacing it with . We save the changes, we compress the folder again and install the ZIP.

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