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Now that Dragon Ball Super is over, at least in its anime format until the next movie is released in December, it's time to go a little hungry. To mitigate that "homelessness" I thought it would be interesting to ride a theme for Android with Goku as the main character. Today, we do a small tribute to Dragon Ball with a theme for the mobile called, simply, "Goku Ultra Instinct”.

As always, I remind you that no need to have root permissions nor have I used any app or payment widget. Therefore, if you are interested in tuning your mobile or tablet with the following theme, you only have to install and configure the customization elements indicated in this post.

Customize your Android with the "Goku Ultra Instinct" theme

This sample that you see here above corresponds to the aforementioned "Goku Ultra Instinct". Instead of using icons in the shape of dragon spheres and including a widget like the typical radar, I have opted for something different. The entire theme is based on the blue, silver and white colors that make up Goku's migatte no gokui or ultra instinct.


The launcher used, as in previous occasions is Nova Launcher. It is a launcher with several customization options and it does not include bloatware or ads, which makes it a very interesting add-on.

The launcher is configured with infinite cube-shaped scroll, dark appearance and app drawer that opens swiping up from the dock.


The icon pack used is "Rad Pack Free”. They are silver icons that give a very interesting touch to the theme and combine great with the wallpaper.


For this topic I have included 2 widgets.

  • Google search engine: This widget is part of the widget pack of Huk KWTGT and its name is FREE 009.
  • Date, time, weather and battery: This is a single widget that collects all these functions. It's called FREE 081 and it's also in the Huk KWGT widget pack.

In order to apply the Huk KWGT widgets it is necessary to install the widget editor KWGT Kustom Widget Maker.


You can download the wallpaper used in HD directly from HERE.

I hope you enjoy this custom Dragon Ball theme for Android and I invite you to leave your suggestions and requests for future themes.

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