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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sporting events have been postponed indefinitely. However, little by little we are returning to relative normality, and now yes, the Bundesliga has been the first of the major leagues to resume the competition. Since last May 16, German football is back, and that is why in today's post we are going to review all the legal methods at our disposal, both free and paid, to watch the Bundesliga streaming or from TV.

How to watch the Buldesliga in Spain for free

In Spain, the Bundesliga emission rights are in the hands of Movistar. The teleoperator is broadcasting all the matches through its platform Movistar + in the channels of #Let's go and Movistar Champions League.

Movistar + is a paid service, but if we are interested in watching the competition for free, we can do so by taking advantage of the free trial month offered by Movistar + Lite. The Movistar + Lite pack includes the #Vamos channel where many of the matches are broadcast live, and taking into account that the league ends on June 27, we can hire the month for free and follow the competition until the end of the season.

Access the free trial month of Movistar + Lite

Download QR-Code MOVISTAR + Developer: Movistar España Price: Free

Other online viewing methods to follow the competition

As we said, Movistar broadcasts some games from the #Vamos channel, but others are only available from the Movistar Champions League channel. To access this premium content it is necessary that we contract Movistar +, a package that includes television, fiber optics and mobile lines. Currently we can hire different packages, which vary between 25 and 85 euros. We can see all the plans available from the official website of Movistar.

However, the law requires that there be no monopolies in broadcasting, so Movistar must assign the rights to other companies at a reasonable price. This is why Mediaset is also broadcasting the Bundesliga online from its streaming app Mitele Plus and from the sports section of its website at

The subscription to Mitele Plus varies between € 3 / month and € 35 / month depending on the packages we want to hire. Soccer available from € 16.99 per month.

Access Mitele Plus

Unfortunately, Mediaset does not have a free trial month, so if we are interested in this service we have no choice but to go to the checkout.

Download QR-Code Mitele - TV on demand Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free

How to watch the Bundesliga online from the US, Mexico and South America

In Latin America the Bundesliga is broadcast through ESPN 2 in countries such as Argentina, Peru or Venezuela. ESPN also broadcasts in streaming through its app ESPN Play. The service is priced at € 11.99 per month, although luckily it has a 7-day free trial period. Therefore, if we are interested in a specific match and we want to see it for free We just have to register at the right time and cancel the subscription after the 7 regulatory days.

Access ESPN Play

Users from the United States, Mexico and Chile can follow the German soccer competition from Fox Sports. If we want to watch the matches online and in streaming we can also do it through the app Fox Play and Fox Sports hiring the streaming service Fox Sports Premium. Its price can fluctuate depending on our region, but to give us an idea, it is between 6 and 12 dollars (USD) per month.

Register QR-Code FOX Sports Latin America Developer: DOT FOX, INC. Price: To be announced Register QR-Code FOX Developer: Disney Price: To be announced

If you know other legal methods to watch the Bundesliga in streaming, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area!

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