Sweatcoin, the app that pays you (real money!) To walk

Do you like sports? Do you usually go for a walk from time to time or do you throw yourself up and down all day without stopping? So you should know that you can make all those walks profitable and convert them into real money with the Sweatcoin app. Que?!

Sweatcoin is an application for Android and iOS developed in 2015 by Oleg Fomenko with the help of a group of Russian businessmen residing in England. The idea of ​​its creator is to offer an incentive for people to do physical exercise in exchange for a virtual currency that we can later exchange for gifts, discounts and even hard cash through Paypal.

How does Sweatcoin work?

On paper the theory sounds wonderful, but how this translates to the actual use that we can give the application is a very different story. Before we start to think that this is yet another scam that we can find in mobile apps, let's take a look at what Sweatcoin really offers ...

The "token" or virtual currency

Sweatcoin is essentially not much different from typical jogging or walking apps. On the one hand, it has a marker that registers all the steps we take (as long as we carry the mobile with us, of course). Although that yes, beyond counting the steps it does not include any other tool to measure physical exercise: it does not keep track of the calories consumed, it does not measure distances, it does not trace GPS routes or create routines or the like.

Instead we have a wallet where the so-called Sweatcoin tokens are accumulated. When we go out for a walk, the application counts the steps, and once verified, it transforms them into the virtual currency of the platform. As simple as that.

What can we use Sweatcoin for?

The moment we have our small wallet full of Sweatcoins we can go to the application store and exchange these tokens for various products, such as:

  • Subscriptions to premium services.
  • Donations to crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Clothes, technology, travel ...
  • Cash.

To give us an idea of ​​what we can get, if we currently enter the store we will see that there is a Samsung 4K 75 ”TV (20,000 Sweatcoins), a 5-day trip to Disney World (15,000 Sweatcoins), a 1,000 voucher euros in Paypal (20,000 Sweatcoins) or a dinner at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are also other more modest prizes such as 3 months of premium subscription to Tidal, 3 euros of cash in Paypal, sportswear and a GoPro Hero7, among other interesting things.

Use experience

Taking into account that we can get 1,000 euros in exchange for 20,000 sweatcoins, we can calculate that 1 sweatcoin equals exactly 5 euro cents. How many Sweatcoins can we get then if we go for a long walk every day?

To check this, we have gone out for a couple of days, and we have seen that a walk of half an hour corresponds to 5 sweatcoins about. Therefore, if we take this a little seriously and walk a couple of hours a day we can accumulate up to 20 sweatcoins a day. With that money we could get sportswear in just over a month, as well as some other interesting discount ... although if we think about 4K TV or the thousand euros of cash we would need almost 3 years of daily walks.

In addition, the Sweatcoin app has 5 types of profiles, and each of them allows us to collect a maximum of coins daily, the current cap being a maximum of 20 tokens / day.

Download Sweatcoin QR-Code - Walking Rewards Pedometer Developer: Sweatco Ltd Price: Free

Is it worth installing and using this application then? Personally, I think it can be a good incentive to encourage daily exercise, although if we think that we are going to get rich while we get all solid, we are most likely to be disappointed. On the other hand, although the store does not have many exchangeable products, it has some gifts and premium discounts that are not bad at all, and if we are used to going out for a walk every day, after a year we may find that, for example , we can take a GoPro home with us.

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