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You can run an Android application without accessing the user interface of your mobile phone, that is, without entering your desktop or application drawer and selecting the app you want to launch.

A couple of days ago I came across a phone whose user interface had disappeared, and whenever the phone was turned on the screen would appear black, without any button or menu from which to operate, which left the phone completely useless. After investigating everything possible and faced with the impossibility of doing a hard reset or reinstalling the system ROM thanks to a somewhat poor manufacture of the phone (I will not say brands, but it was a mobile of Asian origin), I managed to find the solution : Install a "launcher" (an emulator that modifies the appearance of the desktop and the application drawer). But in order to install any of the many launchers on the market, it is necessary to run the Google Play Store. But how to do it without accessing through the desktop icon or the application drawer?

  • Drag your finger from the top to display the notification area. Click on "Switch / Change" to access the settings shortcut of the phone (in some mobiles you have a button with four boxes as in the second image)

  • Click on the System settings icon. This icon can be represented in different ways (we attach 2 examples).

  • Once inside the general settings go to the section “Applications”And look for the application you want to launch, in this case I am telling you about it was“ Google Play Store ”.

  • Now simply run the application by pressing the button "Throw”.

As I mentioned above, in my case I needed a desktop emulator, so once inside the Google store I looked for a launcher to do the desktop tasks that the phone had lost.

This example that I present to you serves to solve a problem of lack of desktop, but as you can see it also serves to install any app or to be able to modify any setting of the phone or even to be able to leave it in the factory state if necessary. I have tested on several phones with Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) and it works perfectly, and although with a Sony Experia model I have not been able to reproduce it, it does not seem that there would be a major problem to perform this type of tricks in most Android terminals today in day.

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