Spotify gives away 3 months of free premium to new subscribers

Have you ever tried Spotify Premium? If you haven't done so yet, you're in luck, as the streaming music platform has just announced two new offers to attract more people to its premium subscription service.

New subscribers They will receive 3 months of free premium if they sign up from today until June 30. An offer that applies to all premium plans (family, student and individual plan). Secondly, those who have already enjoyed Spotify Premium Previously, but canceled their subscription before April 14, they can re-subscribe for 3 months for € 9.99, which is a notable reduction that leaves us with a monthly fee of just over 3 euros, which is not bad at all. Both offers are available from

Advantages of Spotify Premium vs the Free Plan

If we are new to Spotify and we do not know the advantages of the premium plan (although if we use the app it constantly reminds us, so it is a bit difficult not to find out, really), here is a small summary with the 4 keys of the Spotify premium plan.

  • Music download: We can download all the songs we want - for example when we are connected to a Wi-Fi - and listen to them offline without consuming data and without the need for an Internet connection.
  • No ads: Of course, advertising disappears completely.
  • Listen to the song that you want at the moment: With the free plan, only songs can be played in random order. With the premium subscription this limitation disappears.
  • Skip songs: The limit of songs that we can skip is eliminated. If you don't like a song, hit next and that's it.

Spotify and the COVID-19 pandemic

Everything indicates that this succulent offer is directly related to the coronavirus crisis, in an attempt by Spotify to maintain its income. And it is that the platform nourishes a large part of its profits thanks to the announcements, an area that has suffered a particularly strong blow within the industry due to the global economic downturn generated by COVID-19. A significant drop in advertising revenue that the company itself has confirmed in its latest quarterly earnings report.

The fact that April 14 is mentioned as the deadline by which users must have canceled their premium subscription also shows Spotify's intention to recover those users who dropped the subscription to save money due to the pandemic. . And it is that Spotify clarifies in its quarterly report that although the drop in subscriptions has been generalized, one in six users has cited COVID-19 as the main reason for unsubscribing. Unemployment and an uncertain economic situation have made many people adjust their pockets, so these cheaper subscriptions and offers such as 3 months free may encourage more than one to return to the fold.

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