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GIFs are one of the great hallmarks of the modern Internet, and there are already a lot of social networks and web services that allow you to use them as an avatar. Thus, we can create our own GIF directly from the mobile and use it, for example, as a profile image in our Google account.

In the end, a GIF is nothing more than an "animated" file that is halfway between an image and a video: a collection of images or frames that give a sensation of movement. In the early years of the Internet, this graphic format (Graphics Interchange Format) became very popular, since it allowed the use of the LZW compression algorithm - more efficient than the RLE algorithm that was used at that time - to compress images. Something that was great for downloading large images at a time when modems were still very slow and Internet connections were practically in diapers.

GIF as profile picture in your Google account

GIFs are one of the most used formats to share memes, although in this case they can also be used to put an animated profile picture or a short video of a couple of seconds on our Google account. It is important that the GIF file that we are going to create is not very long, if we do not want to have problems when loading it and uploading it to the network.

That said, once we have created or downloaded the GIF, we go to the settings of our Google account HERE. Once we have logged in, we can change our profile photo simply by clicking on it (we will see how the icon of a camera appears if we hover or click on the photo itself).

A new window will open where we can choose the GIF from the folder where we have previously downloaded it.

Next, a small editor will open where we can cut the margins of the image so that the format and dimensions fit perfectly.

When we have everything ready, we just have to click on the blue button "Choose as profile picture”. Automatically, Google will apply the changes, replacing the previous static image with this new animation that we just pulled out of our sleeve.

It should be noted that the changes may take a while to be replicated in all the sites where our Google profile photo is displayed. Normally, refreshing the page or giving it a couple of minutes is usually enough, but if we see that it takes a while we can try to force it by removing and re-establishing the GIF as a profile photo.

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