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Surely your grandparents consulted the weather report or the news on TV / radio just to find out what the weather would be like for the next few days. Around here in the Basque Country there was a shepherd who, watching his sheep, knew if the next day it was going to rain or not. He was a crack. But now everything has become technical: take a look at your mobile and see how you find lots of apps to predict or check the weather. Will the sun rise tomorrow or will we have another cloudy day?

In today's post we review some of the best weather applications to check the weather on Android. Let's go there!

The 10 best weather apps to check the weather on Android

When we install an application to predict and know what the weather is going to do, we usually look for a couple of things. On the one hand, that it is accurate and that it has good local information.

And if you have a good widget to take a quick look at, all the better. But be careful, remember that this type of widgets suck battery out of the jar as if there were no tomorrow.

Google App / Google Assistant

Sometimes the simplest is what works best for us. If all we want is know what the weather is going to do, without major complications, we don't even need to install a dedicated app.

If we already have the search engine app (it usually comes pre-installed in many cases) or the Google assistant on our Android, we just have to ask it "What is the weather going to be tomorrow?" and matter fixed.

Download QR-Code Google Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Accuweather: Forecast & Weather Alerts

This is one of the most recognized and best valued apps to know the weather on Android devices. It has a function called MinuteCast, with minute by minute information on whether it will rain or not in your area. In addition to that, it offers the typical hourly forecasts, weekly forecasts, is compatible with Android Wear and the indispensable widgets for the desktop.

Download QR-Code AccuWeather: Forecast & Weather Alerts Developer: AccuWeather Price: Free


1Weather is another of the greats in this mobile weather forecast. It includes daily and hourly predictions with a lot of additional details. We can control the weather in up to 12 cities, it supports 25 languages, Android Wear and yes, it also has its own widget for the desktop.

Register QR-Code 1Weather: Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar Developer: OneLouder Apps Price: To be announced

Weather - The weather channel

One of the most complete weather applications for Android that exists. Provides forecasts and information on weather, temperature, storm alerts, storm alerts, radar and even pollen alerts. Nothing is left on the way. It also has an interface adapted for tablets, several widgets, it is free and does not include any type of integrated purchases. More than 50 million Android users give a good account of it.

Download Weather QR-Code - The Weather Channel Developer: The Weather Channel Price: Free

Exact YoWindow weather

YoWindow is a special app. It has a very attractive visual appearance And although it is not as powerful as the ones we have mentioned above, it has a very pleasant and original interface. Instead of showing us the weather through icons (sun / clouds / rain) we see a landscape that represents the weather that is going to be done. Then, we can make a lateral movement with the finger and see the evolution in time applied to that same landscape.

Download QR-Code Precise Weather 🌈 YoWindow + Wallpapers Developer: RepkaSoft Price: Free

Weather Underground

Weather Underground boasts of being the weather app with the best hyperlocal forecasts. It has an excellent 4.6 star rating on Google Play, and although its widgets are not very customizable, it uses its more than 180,000 private weather stations to provide some really rushed results for the weather and temperatures of our area.

Download QR-Code Weather- Weather Underground Developer: Weather Underground Price: Free

Morecast - Weather forecast with radar & widget

One of the best features of Morecast is its interface. It has a vertical layout where we see the most basic data at the beginning, and as we scroll down we obtain more detailed data. It has webcams in various parts of the planet with the weather at different times of the day and other more than interesting details such as radar, the 3D globe, navigation with the weather en route, a storm tracker and more.

Download QR-Code Weather forecast, radar & widget - Morecast Developer: UBIMET Price: Free

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

Today Weather is an app that was launched relatively recently. Selected by Google as one of the best apps of 2017, Today Weather offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. The application allows us to select between 5 different data sources, such as Weather Underground, Accuweather or, a Norwegian service that is reputed to offer very good local results for Europe. Over 1 million downloads and a towering 4.7 star rating.

Download QR-Code Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert Developer: Price: Free

Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather

Dark Sky is an app that has its lights and its shadows. It is reputed to be one of the best apps with local information and is able to tell you the time it will do minute by minute. Their forecasts are of the type "It will rain in 23 minutes", which is very good and very practical. It also provides information on temperature, maximums, minimums, wind speed, humidity, etc. The downside is that to get the most out of it we have to switch to the paid version, with a license that we must renew every year.

Register QR-Code Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather Developer: The Dark Sky Company Price: To be announced

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo weather app for mobile offers a good amount of information without being too heavy. We can check the weather, temperature, pressure or wind speed and at the same time enjoy the unique images with which the application is updated daily (images taken from Flickr, by the way, also owned by Yahoo).

Download QR-Code Yahoo Tiempo Developer: Yahoo Price: Free

And what do you think? What are your favorite apps to check the weather on Android?

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