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A Android TV Box it is the closest thing to a real multimedia center for the living room or home television. A great device with which to squeeze the possibilities of Android on the big screen. Evidently, not all apps are designed to work on a TV –The “tactile” factor is lost, among other things. Therefore, it is essential to do a good screening. What are the best apps to fully enjoy a TV Box?

The 15 best applications for your Android TV Box

Undoubtedly the majority of applications for this type of device are oriented to the reproduction of multimedia content. A TV Box is synonymous with series, movies and music, but it is also much more than that. These are the 12 best apps for your Android TV Box. Essential.

SquareHome 3

Most TV Boxes - especially if they are of Asian origin - have a rather unattractive interface and a wallpaper that is often non-existent. The best way to solve this is install a launcher to give it an elegant and much more attractive touch.

After trying various launchers, the one that best adapts to the interface of a TV Box and the one that has given me the best results today is SquareHome 3. It offers a fully customizable format and much more pleasant than most standard launchers. We can change the wallpaper, organize the desktop icons, widgets, colors, etc. Highly recommended.

Download QR-Code Square Home - Launcher: Windows style Developer: ChYK the dev. Price: Free

If you want to try other quality alternative launchers I would also recommend ATV Launcher. It is one of the most attractive on a visual level and it also allows you to change the wallpaper. Functional and practical.

Download QR-Code ATV Launcher Developer: DStudio Canada Price: Free

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What would my TV Box be without KODI? If there is an essential app that cannot be missing in a multimedia box, that is the XBMC Foundation app. It is not only a multimedia player that allows you to play practically any video, audio or image format. Thank you to your "Add ons”Or accessories, we can add third-party services to view streaming content (series, movies, TV channels, Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll etc.) in a centralized way. Big.

Download QR-Code Kodi Developer: XBMC Foundation Price: Free

Sideload launcher

For an application to be installed on a TV box, it must first be declared compatible with Android TV. If not, it will simply not appear available in the Google Play Store. What's more, if we install one of these "unsupported" apps in other ways, such as an APK, the app won't even appear in the app drawer of our Android TV.

Sideload launcher is a really useful application, since it allows us view and run apps that do not have a compatible version for our Android TV. Thus, if we install an application in APK format (or in its version for mobile phones), it will appear in the list of apps along with the rest of the applications.

Something that can help us, for example, to enjoy Prime Video on TV Box that are not compatible in principle, such as the Xiaomi Mi Box.

Download QR-Code Sideload Launcher - Android TV Developer: Chainfire Price: Free

Puffin tv

Surfing the Internet on a TV is not the most practical thing in the world. And unless we have a remote controller with a keyboard, the remote control makes searches very forced.

Puffin TV is a browser adapted for TV boxes. Instead of offering the typical interface that we see on mobiles and PCs with its search bar and others, we find an environment made up of packs. We can also synchronize the browser with our mobile and use QR codes to create bookmarks. It looks more like a multimedia center than a browser as such, something that gives us an idea of ​​how web browsers should be on the TV boxes of the future.

Download QR-Code Puffin TV Browser Developer: CloudMosa Inc Price: Free


The Spotify client for TV Boxes is not the best in the world in terms of manageability - I prefer the mobile version or the one they launched for the PS4-, but if we want to listen to music on TV this is an app that cannot be missing from our library . Remember that you do not need to create an account specifically - you can log in with Facebook - to have free access to the Spotify catalog, and its content is simply amazing.

Download QR-Code Spotify: Music and podcasts Developer: Spotify Ltd. Price: Free

Recently, they have published a specific version for Android TV that should facilitate navigation on these types of devices.

Download QR-Code Spotify Music for TV Developer: Spotify Ltd. Price: Free

Nostalgia NES

The best emulator for the NES. If we want to play games like Mario, Castlevania, Tetris or Megaman, Nostalgia NES is an application that we cannot ignore. The best way to enjoy this type of game is with a classic controller, preferably wireless. The one that I liked the most among all those that I have come to try, both for finish and design level, is the NES30 Pro by 8bitdo. One last.

Download QR-Code Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator) Developer: Nostalgia Emulators Price: Free

Bonus: Of course there are also other emulators on Android for retro consoles such as Snes9X (Super nintendo), Matsu PSX Emulator (multiplatform) or MAME4Droid (Arcadian).


Many people use apps like XDeDe, Repelis Plus or Magnet Movies to see series and movies in Spanish by the pin. So why pay for a service like Netflix? It is no longer just because this is a legal service. If the support, the quality of its content, its own series and films, the inclusion of several languages ​​for each title, and others are not enough, simply try and rate for yourself (If you don't want to pay, you can always find a method to watch Netflix for free).

Next, I leave you both the standard version and the specific version for Netflix's Android TV:

Download QR-Code Netflix Developer: Netflix, Inc. Price: Free Download QR-Code Netflix Developer: Netflix, Inc. Price: Free

The same can apply to other online content servers such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video. In addition, in both cases they offer free trial periods, which is always appreciated (you can see more details in the posts "How to watch HBO for free legally" and "How to share an Amazon Prime Video account".

Download QR-Code HBO España Developer: HBO Europe Price: Free Download QR-Code Amazon Prime Video Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC Price: Free

If we like boxing, MMA, motorcycling, soccer or any other sport, we cannot ignore DAZN, a streaming platform dedicated exclusively to sports events and competitions. They have a very powerful catalog and a pretty decent Android app that is also compatible with Chromecast and many other devices.

Download QR-Code DAZN: Live Sports Developer: DAZN Price: Free


CetusPlay is another of those apps that cannot be missing from an Android TV Box. On the one hand, it allows us to synchronize the phone with the TV Box, and use the mobile screen as a mouse. It also offers the possibility of playing videos and photos from the phone, as well as being able to send files, and a really useful little app store for the TV Box, called “Application Center”.

Download QR-Code CetusPlay-Best Android TV Box, Fire TV Remote App Developer: CetusPlay Global Price: Free

Steam Link

Have you ever dreamed of the day when we can hit some good addictions with our favorite Steam games directly on our mobile or on the TV Box in the living room? Today this is already possible thanks to Steam Link.

With this application developed by Valve we can synchronize our PC and the Android TV Box, so that we can play on the TV screen via Wi-Fi. All compatible with gamepad. We can find more information on how to install in THIS OTHER POST.

Download QR-Code Steam Link Developer: Valve Corporation Price: Free

Sony also has a similar service called «Remote play«, With which we can play PS4 games on Android. We configure the PS4 to enable remote use, install the app on the Android device and establish the connection. It is usually more practical to play on mobile, but in theory we could also use it with a TV Box connected to a monitor or a second television.

Download QR-Code PS4 Remote Play Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc. Price: Free

TV art

The artistic television channel par excellence has an excellent app adapted to Android TV with a multitude of on-demand content. Here we will find from interviews with comic writers such as Alan Moore, through live concerts of heavy metal groups, science programs, history, politics or society. The best of all is that we are facing a 100% free streaming service. Culture to power.

Download QR-Code ARTE TV Developer: ARTE Price: Free


Skype on TV. Sounds pretty logical, right? We can use the TV screen to hold video conferences in a considerable size and sitting quietly on the sofa in the living room. For this, of course, we will need to get a webcam for the TV Box. Quite an interesting plan, to say the least.

Download QR-Code Skype: video calls and IM free Developer: Skype Price: Free

Microsoft Word

Another utility that we can extract from an Android TV Box is the word processor. Some time ago Microsoft published its corresponding version for Android of its well-known office applications Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook.

If we have a wireless keyboard and mouse, we can use the TV Box and the generous screen of our TV to write, just as if we were in front of a PC.

Download QR-Code Word: Write, edit and share documents Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free


Youtube It is another of those applications that we have to have yes or yes on our Android TV. Hours and hours of entertainment on the world's largest online video platform. Enjoy the videos of your favorite YouTubers in the same way that you watch the news, soccer or Sunday mass on La 2.

Here we have both the standard version and the one for Android TV:

Download QR-Code YouTube Developer: Google LLC Price: Free Download QR-Code YouTube for Android TV Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

TunnelBear VPN

If we want to maintain our privacy when browsing the Internet, nothing better than protect our connection using a VPN. TunnelBear allows us to camouflage our geographic location - and skip geolocation restrictions - with a large number of countries to choose from. Of course, the free version has a limit of megabytes established. You can not have it all!

Download QR-Code TunnelBear VPN Developer: TunnelBear, LLC Price: Free


There are also other alternative VPNs like Windscribe that offer several GB per month for free, although the number of servers is much more limited. In any case, an option to consider if we are going to consume high data and do not want to spend money on a premium subscription.

Download QR-Code Windscribe VPN Developer: Windscribe Price: Free

Finally, a small recommendation: replace the remote control that comes standard (usually they are not very good - with one with integrated keyboard -Much more practical-, an air mouse or a gamepad with crosshead. The experience improves substantially.

Here is a post I wrote recently, an interesting list with some of the Best Recommended Remotes For Android TV Box.

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