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Knowing the IP address of a Windows computer is quite simple: just open an MS-DOS window and execute the command "ipconfig”. But what about mobiles? Obviously, right off the bat, Android doesn't allow you to enter command lines, so we'll have to look for other methods. Do youHow can we know what the IP of a phone is?

We could install some chorra application to provide us with this information, but for such basic information the truth is that you don't need so much fanfare. Both the public IP and the private IP can be easily consulted by any Android user with Internet access.

Differences between public IP and private IP

When we connect to the Internet with our mobile, our phone can have up to 2 different IP addresses. On the one hand, there is the public IP, which is the IP address that is displayed when we are browsing the Internet (also known as Internet IP). Let's say it is our IP for the public. This will be the IP provided by our data SIM, or the IP of the router if we are connected to a wireless network.

However, when we are connected to a WiFi network, we will also have a private IP, which will be the IP address assigned specifically to our phone within that wireless network. This IP is not usually visible when we are browsing.

How to find out what is the public IP of an Android device connected to the Internet

The public IP does not appear registered in any setting of our Android device. To find out what our Internet or Public IP address is, we must do a small query on Google.

Just write "What is my IP address”Or enter directly and consult the data.

Note: Our IP can use the IPv4 protocol (with 4 digits with values ​​between 0 and 255), or the most recent IPv6 (up to 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal digits).

In the event that we need to consult this data continuously because we use a VPN and we want to keep a more exhaustive control, the most practical thing is to install an app such as IS.

How to find out what is the private IP of an Android device

If we want to know the private IP assigned to our phone within the network to which we are connected, then we must follow the following steps.

  • We are going to "Settings -> System -> Phone information"And click on"State”.
  • Here we will see some information about the phone, such as the battery level, the IMEI, the MAC of the WiFi network, and the private IP address of the device, among other data.

And now that I know what my IP is, how can I hide it?

Ha! Very good question! At this point, we may want to add some privacy to the way we browse the Internet. To do this, we can hide our IP through 3 different methods:

  • Using a proxy.
  • Connecting to a VPN.
  • Using the TOR network to navigate.

You can take a look at the post about how to hide the IP address of a mobile or PC for a detailed explanation of each of these 3 solutions, and what differences they contribute for a more private and secure browsing.

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