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Disney + is about to land in Spain in the next few days (March 24), and as at the time we reviewed all the legal methods to watch Netflix for free, or watch HBO for the pin, today we are going to do the same with the service of streaming that welcomes the superheroes Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and many other franchises adored by the public. Is there any way to watch Disney Plus free?

Always staying within the law and without pulling pirates or strange things, we have compiled all the tricks or "legal hacks" at our disposal to see Disney + without spending a penny. It is clear that we are not going to discover any miraculous magic, but at least it will help us to be clear about where we can take advantage of all the advantages that this new streaming platform offers. We started!

Trick # 1: Take advantage of the free trial period

Like many other free trial services, Disney + also offers 7 days free access. During that first week we can see all the series and movies that we want while we decide if we subscribe or not. Something that is great, but unfortunately at the time of writing this post (March 13) is only available in the US from THIS LINK.

In any case, although this option does not yet exist in Spain, the situation could change as of March 24. The reason? Since Disney is now offering a special pre-registration promotion (an annual discount of 10 euros), it is not contemplating this type of offer, but be careful, because if we enter the Disney + Help Center we see that it is directly mentioned and specific to the 7-day free trial period. Therefore, it is more than likely that as of March 24, we will be able to enjoy this advantage.

For the rest, we always have the option of using a VPN connection and registering from the United States in order to have access to the trial week offered by the Donald Duck company.

UPDATED!! : Indeed, today Disney + has officially opened in Spain, and as we suspected free trial week is also offered (after 6.99 € per month). You can check it on the Disney + welcome page HERE.

Trick # 2: Shared accounts

Once we have exhausted the free trial we have no choice but to find a being of light willing to share their account with us. Disney + currently supports simultaneous playback on up to 4 devices, which means that if we have a family member or close friend who has contracted the service, they may not mind sharing it with us.

Of course, it is advisable to invite your friend for a snack from time to time and be nice to him to keep him happy. For the rest, if we share expenses between 4 people, the monthly subscription costs less than 2 euros per month, which is not bad either.

Trick # 3: Check Disney + offers from operators and companies in your country

Disney is one of the great entertainment giants worldwide, and many teleoperators and platforms are already offering the Disney + package within their product catalog.

Thus, in the United Kingdom, Disney has reached an agreement with Sky to offer its content through a dedicated app on the Sky Q decoder and also via streaming from Now TV. In France, Disney + has reached a similar agreement with Canal +, and in the case of Spain an agreement has also been reached with Movistar to offer Disney + free on some Operator Fusion packs. In this way, clients of Fusión Total, Fusión Total Plus and Fusión Selección Plus Ficción will have the Disney + subscription included at no additional cost.

If we are Movistar users and we do not have any of these packs, we can also get Disney + by hiring the pack of Movistar Cinema. This package is worth 10 euros, although with the inclusion of Disney Plus it will be worth 15 euros from April: now, if we subscribe now we will have the first 6 months of subscription at 10 euros, which for practical purposes is as if we it was free (yes, the Movistar Cine pack we would still pay for it).

The first chapter of The Mandalorian free and open in Cuatro

Another rather surprising news that we have known in recent days is that the television channel Four will exclusively broadcast the first chapter of The Mandalorian, the star series of Disney + at the moment.

It is not yet known whether they will broadcast only the first episode or there will be more, since as Fotogramas indicates this could be a marketing campaign to attract new customers and encourage them to hire the service. In any case, although there is no release date yet, this is the easiest way to see what Disney plus has to offer without having to spend money on a subscription.

Note: Remember that we can also see the content of Mediaset (Cuatro, Telecinco, etc.) online from the mobile with the app My TV.

One last tip: try other platforms

We are living in troubled times. Before we barely had Netflix and little else, but now the immeasurable offer of streaming services to watch series and movies is overwhelming. Therefore, we can always try other platforms such as HBO Spain that still offers 2 weeks of free access, or Amazon Prime Video with a full month of trial at zero cost.

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