How to activate YouTube's “Dark Mode” (Dark Mode)

One of the biggest problems when constantly looking at a monitor or a mobile screen is blue light. Although blue light helps us see better the screens of the devices under the brightness of sunlight, when we are in night or low light environments, it can cause fatigue and dry eyes. Something that helps mitigate this effect is known as night mode or "dark mode" already offered by many platforms, web pages and applications today.

A couple of months ago we reviewed how to activate the dark mode in Chrome for Android, and today we are going to see how to do the same with one of the apps to which we spend the most time, Youtube.

Note: If you want to go a little further and see what possibilities we have to achieve the dark mode at the system level on Android, do not miss this other post either.

How to activate Dark Mode on YouTube from the browser (web version)

If we are using the desktop version of YouTube for web browsers, we can activate the dark mode as follows.

  • We log in to YouTube and click on the icon of our avatar.

  • In the drop-down menu, we select “Dark theme: off”.

  • Finally, we activate the tab that says "DARK THEME".

In this way, the entire interface and the background will become black and dark gray, perfect for watching videos at night and not getting so tired of our eyes. If at some point we want to go back, it will be enough to repeat this same process in reverse.

It should be clarified that if we use more than one browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.), it is necessary that we activate this functionality in each of the browsers independently.

How to activate YouTube's “Dark Mode” on Android

The truth is that you can see that Google wants to give visibility to dark mode. In the event that we use the YouTube app for Android, the dark theme is activated just as easily and quickly as in its web version.

All we have to do is open YouTube, click on the icon of our user (located at the top right) and go to "Settings -> General”. Among the various configuration options, we select and activate the tab "Dark Theme”.

How to enable YouTube night mode on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

To finish with this tutorial and that we have a most resolved post, let's see how we can activate the dark mode if we watch the videos on YouTube from an iPhone or an iPad.

Surprise! The method is exactly the same as in the Android version of the app: we open YouTube, go to “Settings” and from there we activate the tab that refers to the activation of the dark theme.

YouTube introduced dark mode in 2018, so it is a relatively new functionality. If we are using the app and we do not see that this option is available, it is likely that we will need to update YouTube to a more recent version.

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