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If you like to record your own videos with your mobile phone, surely you have ever considered editing them to give them that "magic touch" that turns them into a more professional recording. Any good video editor for android?

The 15 best apps to edit videos on Android

Many people are skeptical when it comes to editing videos from an app on Android / iPhone- You need a lot of RAM, a powerful CPU and resources, a lot of resources. For this reason, most prefer to use a PC and transfer their editing tasks there.

But let's not kid ourselves, even if we do not achieve results at the level of an Adobe Premiere Pro, Android still has a good handful of apps that are much more than helpful and that allow us create and retouch videosdirectly from the mobile. A good alternative to, for example, edit videos for YouTube that do not require much production or artifice.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a very complete video editor for Android with multitrack function. It allows us to use up to 4 video tracks and 3 audio tracks that we can superimpose to create much more complex videos than we could achieve with a simple standard video editor. We can also trim and resize the video which facilitates the creation of content in formats compatible with social networks such as YouTube or Instagram.

At a technical level we can add several videos in the timeline, correct colors, clean the audio or use templates to achieve a much faster editing. Since the disappearance of Adobe Premiere Clip from the Play Store, Premiere Rush is Adobe's official solution for editing videos on mobile devices and tablets.

However, all this set of functionalities has a cost: the free version only allows you to export 3 projects, from which point we will have to opt for a monthly subscription of about 12 euros to continue using the application.

Download QR-Code Adobe Premiere Rush - Video Editor Developer: Adobe Price: Free


Timbre is an audio and video cutter. It allows us to cut and paste mp3 and mp4 files to convert them to different formats. Does not leave water marks and it also allows you to change the speed of sound or image. Recommended application if we do not want to use effects or filters: simple and direct.

The application supports a good variety of video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, WEBM, and MPEG, among others. As far as audio is concerned, it can work with MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC and WMA files. As icing on the cake, it also allows you to convert videos to GIF format easily, which is not bad at all.

Download QR-Code Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3, mp4 Developer: Timbre Inc. Price: Free


Magisto is that other video editor that always appears in the pools. It is very easy to use and allows you to create videos from images, videos and music. We can add effects, filters and control the lighting to give a more worked touch to our creation.

It may not be the best app for those who want to control absolutely everything, but if you want Magisto to do the magic while you have a smoothie: don't hesitate and try it. The result is very successful.

Download QR-Code Magisto: Video & Slideshow Creator and Editor Developer: Magisto by Vimeo Price: Free

InShot Video Editor

InShot is an app that allows us to edit videos from Android in a simple way. With this editor we can do all the basics: cut a video, add several clips and put music on them. It also offers other tools such as the possibility of add emojis and text to videos.

It's great for uploading things to Instagram or Vine, but if we look for something more complex we will have to look elsewhere.

Download QR-Code Music Photo & Video Editor - InShot Developer: InShot Inc. Price: Free

Power Director

Speaking plain and simple, Power Director is one of the most powerful and complete editors for Android. It has a good handful of professional tools capable of satisfying most types of user. Of course, from the outset, it can be a somewhat intimidating app and requires some learning to achieve total mastery of the application. It is what you can call a professional video editor pocket-size.

A very competent video editor that, yes, adds a watermark to all our creations in its free version.

Download QR-Code PowerDirector - Video Editor & Creator Developer: Cyberlink Corp Price: Free


YouCut is a free video editor focused on cut and merge videos for YouTube and Instagram with various templates and preset formats for these social networks.

The truth is that its interface is very friendly, which makes it much easier to use. It also allows you to add effects (glitch, RGB, negative, etc.), music and adjust the video playback speed. Ah! And it doesn't add watermarks! One of the top rated video editors with 4.8 stars and over 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Download QR-Code YouCut - Professional Video Editor Developer: InShot Inc. Price: Free

ActionDirector video editor

This CyberLink editor comes with everything you need. We can import videos, edit them, cut them, use slow motion, include text, music and so many other things. It is like the PC version but in miniature.

It is updated quite often and is one of the few editors that supports 4K. In the app file on Google Play there is an interesting link where we can check if our mobile supports 4K editing, something that may come to us before we start using ActionDirector. Undoubtedly one of the best video editor for Android of 2018.

Download QR-Code Editor for Video ActionDirector Developer: Cyberlink Corp Price: Free


Quik has been developed by the team of Gopro, and it is one of the fastest apps to create amazing videos. We added a few photos and videos, and she alone is in charge of selecting the best moments, adding transitions, effects and adjusting everything to the rhythm of the music. So that later they say that making videos is not that easy!

Although yes, it has some limitations such as the maximum duration of the videos and we also have to be careful to remove the watermarks in the settings menu (they come by default). In any case, it is one of my favorite applications for creating eye-catching videos "on the fly" and I would personally dare to say that it is one of the most recommended for making short videos and sharing them with friends.

Download QR-Code Quik - GoPro Video Editor for Photos and Clips Developer: GoPro Price: Free


FilmoraGo is a pro editing tool with a clear and friendly interface, with which we can cut, rotate, add filters, layers, text and share it on social networks in 3 easy steps. It has a music library and allows you to take photos / videos from Facebook and Instagram.

Among its most striking features includes the ability to add animated subtitles, something that we do not find in many editors today. It also has an audio equalizer and video speed control. In short, a fairly complete application that is also updated periodically.

Download QR-Code FilmoraGo - Video Editor Developer: WONDERSHARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Price: Free


VivaVideo is a video editor that is halfway between those who are looking for a professional app and another a little more than walking around the house. It has a storyboard type editing format, and has more than 200 filters, a multitude of effects, slow and fast motion, text, etc.

Of course, the free version only allows videos of a specified maximum duration and with a watermark. Even so, more than 100 million downloads. Do not lose sight of it.

Download QR-Code VivaVideo - Video Editor with Music Developer: QuVideo Inc. Best Video Editor & Video Maker App Price: Free


The editor of KineMaster it is one of the most complete that we can find on Android. Multitrack timeline, drag & drop, 3D transitions, effects, text and many other features make up the pack of features of this great application.

The only downside is that the free version includes a watermark on all videos (unless we switch to the paid version).

Download QR-Code KineMaster - Video Developer Editor & Creator: KineMaster Corporation Price: Free


This is another video editing app that has become very popular lately, and although it is a bit limited it is very easy to use. It has 15 effects, and it is not that we are going to use it to create a professional video, but to put together a few photos and videos from our mobile and have a good time, it fulfills its role perfectly.

Download QR-Code Funimate - Video Editor & Clip Effects Developer: AVCR Inc. Price: Free

Video Editor for YouTube

If you are starting out on YouTube and you need an editor that allows you to create decent quality videos to upload to your channel, take a look at this tool. It allows us to export the videos in HD, without watermarks and it also lets us change the aspect ratio of the video to suit our needs.

Besides that, the app also has tools for trimming, merging and splicing video cuts, fast and slow motion function, adding music and various FX effects and filters. All this through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Download QR-Code Video Editor for YouTube Developer: InShot Inc. Price: Free


VideoShow is another powerful video editor for Android. Not that it reaches the level of Adobe Premiere Clip or Power Director, but it does have a good selection of editing tools: effects, stickers, fonts, themes and the possibility of dubbing (voice over video). In its free version it does not include watermarks or time limits for the videos, but instead we will have to swallow the odd advertisement along the way.

Download QR-Code VideoShowLite: video editor, cut, photo, music Developer: VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc Price: Free

Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

This is an editor that is specially designed for Instagram, since it allows you to create videos in a square format. To use it we will have to log in with Facebook or create an ALIVE account.

The app is aimed at making short videos, with tons of cool / fun effects, with explosions, effects and stickers. It has built-in ads that can become quite annoying when the time comes. With this and everything: a 4.5 star rating and more than 5 million downloads.

Download QR-Code Movie Maker Filmmaker & Edit YouTube film Videos Developer: ALIVE Inc. Price: Free

What do you think of this list of the best video editing apps for Android? What is your favorite?

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