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Today I want to take the opportunity to bring to the fore an issue that I know will be quite familiar to some of you, and that a few days ago I was able to verify in my own flesh: the messaging service that Amazon uses in Spain (SEUR, to be more exact)When it works well it works great, but when there is a problem the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

My personal anecdote: the desk that broke in two

To substantiate such a rude statement on my part, nothing better than a personal anecdote.

About a month ago I bought a PC desktop from Amazon. It looked pretty fancy looking and a good price so, ale, hit the jackpot. It was from an outside store, so it would take a couple more days to arrive, but that wasn't a problem.

The thing is, the package - mega package, considering it was a whole desk table unassembled - was taking longer than expected to arrive. I looked at the order on Amazon, and it said that the item would be late, but nothing alarming.

I waited several more days, but the table still showed no signs of life. This time I wrote down the tracking number and went to the SEUR page to see if I could get any more information. This is when I really started to worry. The package was in status "Damage or loss ofcommodity”.

Lost or damaged package? That does not sound good…

Well, they are things that happen. It is a hassle, but it falls within the scope of the possible when you place an order online. I called the SEUR customer service phone number so that they could give me some more information and explain what had happened to the table.

The person who attended me told me that he did not know what had happened, but that he would notify the office in my area so that they would review the case and that they would call me. I didn't want to request a refund from Amazon until I knew what really happened. Anyway, it had been lost among the multitude of packages handled by SEUR and there was still the possibility that they would find it and send it home to me, even if it was a few days late.

SEUR, don't you remember me anymore?

So I decided to wait. The days passed and no one called here. Do you know what happened? Any. I finally had to call my local office myself. I was attended by a girl - who seemed to have come a bit warmed up from a previous call - and after giving her the tracking number she told me that the table had been broken during transport and to request a return to Amazon. It is clear that my first call was passed through the Arc de Triomphe, that they did not make any arrangements, and that SEUR cared little about my package ...

Then I called Amazon by phone, told them the problem and in less than 30 minutes they had already reimbursed me the full amount of the item. Chapó by Amazon, SEUR is another story ...

In Amazon it still says that they are about to deliver it to me, within more than 2 weeks

What do other Amazon users think of the SEUR service in Spain?

In the end it has been a month thrown away, without a desk or anything, but at least I got my money back quickly.

All this could be nothing more than a simple anecdote, if it weren't for the fact that the Internet is full of users who are dissatisfied with this courier company. From a forum within the same Amazon website, like other fairly self-explanatory blog entries, it is clear that there seems to be some background.

In the end, each case is different, but in general it seems that the common trigger in all incidents, to a greater or lesser extent, is SEUR customer service. A communication and attitude problem that does not exactly help to leave the customer with a good taste in the face of an incident.

I have been working in a customer service for many years, and I assure you that a good treatment and the correct management of an incident are the master keys that separate success from the most absolute error. At least for the customer.

People will continue to shop on Amazon, but since there is no major turnaround in this regard, the online sales giant is in danger of losing a good handful of regular shoppers, unhappy with the messaging service.

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