Solutions for the error “The application has stopped…” in Android

What in Windows, Linux or Mac is something unusual or merely anecdotal, in Android it is more than frequent. We are talking about errors in applications that cause the app to close unexpectedly. "XXX application stopped"Or"Process XXX has stopped unexpectedly"Are messages to which any user of Android He is more than used to it. What is the origin of these types of errors? And most importantly, how can we avoid them?

Causes of the error "The application has stopped ..."

The 2 most common causes for this type of error are usually always the same. On the one hand, it may be a programming error, in which the developer has not repaired and causes a malfunction in the code that results in an unexpected closure of the app. The other common cause is usually a failure in the data or cached information that the app saves in the device memory. Some data is corrupted and prevents the application or any of its threads from continuing to function.

In either of the 2 cases, these types of errors prevent the application from opening or closing unexpectedly. What solutions can we apply?

Outputs to avoid the error "The application has stopped ..."

These types of errors in Android are quite "rebellious", since it is difficult to determine the real cause of the problem with complete security. The only solution is to try different actions until we find the right key.

Solution # 1: Clear the app cache

All apps save some cached information on our device, in order to load faster and avoid collecting previously collected information. Sometimes this data gets corrupted and causes the app to crash when you least expect it.

To fix it, just go to Settings -> Applications select the problematic application and click on "Clear cache".

Solution # 2: Restart the Android device

Smartphones and tablets are real computers, and as such, they often require a nice reboot every now and then. Although not strictly mandatory, shutting down and restarting the system with all its components and processes helps the terminal to function better.

Solution # 3: update the application

The error that causes the application to close unexpectedly may be due to a software glitch, and in this case it is possible that the error has been corrected by the developers in a later update. Search for the app on Google Play and check if there are any pending updates. Many times this is usually the best way out.

Solution # 3: Clear the app data

In addition to the cached information, apps save other types of data on the phone, such as the settings and customization that we have applied in the app, or the saved games in the case of games. If the data is corrupted this can lead to unexpected app closures.

To solve it, it is necessary to delete the data of the application, but be careful, if we do this we will be deleting everything we have within the app. That is to say, the application will be clean, as if we had just installed it for the first time.

To delete the data of an app go to "Settings -> Applications", Select the application and click on"Delete data”.

Solution # 4: Reset the terminal to factory state

The application must be very essential to do this, but if there is no choice, as a last resort you can always reset the device and return to factory state. With a clean Android and free of possible bugs, reinstall the app and this time, maybe the flute will sound.

Solution # 5: Install a custom ROM

If you've always had problems with that app and you're tired of seeing "XXX application stopped"Even in the soup, and even having restored the factory you can't get rid of it ... bad. Most likely, your system and device are simply not compatible with that application.. Erratic performance some call it.

I had this same problem with the application iVoox to listen to podcasts. After a long time malfunctioning and closing at will, after installing a custom ROM from Cyanogen the error disappeared forever.

What if none of this works?

These are the standard solutions for these types of errors, but it can also happen that you have the problem with a process that controls any of the components of your Android device (such as the camera, for example). In this case, my recommendation is that you search a little on the internet, since, if it's a manufacturer's fault or a known bug, chances are more people are in the same situation. Forums with solutions provided by users are often the great lifeline for errors that developers and manufacturers themselves have not been able to solve in time.

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