All free on-demand TV apps for Android in Spain

Last week we discussed how we can see all the national, regional and local TV channels from our mobile. For this we use the KODI player configuring all the Spanish DTT television channels through IPTV. Something that comes in handy to watch live TV from anywhere without having to be in front of the TV at home.

But what if we want watch series or programs that have already been broadcast? In this case, the best solution is to pull the chains' official apps, since most have TV service on demand.

The best TV on demand apps for Android: Spanish TV channels

In Spain we currently have more than 300 television channels, adding all the televisions with free-to-air broadcasting. In the following list, we have collected only those that have content on demand in its official app.

If we are interested in watching TV from other countries outside of Spain:

  • IPTV services to watch international online TV channels.
  • Live TV channels for Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and many others).

National TV channels

RTVE à la carte

The Spanish Television app is one of the most downloaded apps and also one of the best rated by Android users. Not only does it allow you to listen to National Radio and watch TVE1, TVE2, Teledeporte and Canal 24 hours live, it also offers a lot of content on demand.

IF you want to see series like Cuéntame, Águila Roja, Los misterios de Laura or Isabel, mythical contests like Saber y Ganar, a lot of documentaries or programs like Master Chef, this is your app. It works well, it doesn't crash and the interface is very intuitive.

Download QR-Code RTVE alacarta Developer: RTVE Interactive Media Price: Free


Like RTVE, in Mitele we can find live TV on demand from Mediaset España channels. The best way to see Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity and Be Mad completely legally over the Internet.

Here we find all the emblematic programs of the chain, such as Cuarto Milenio, Pasapalabra, Sálvame, La que se avecina, Homeland, American Horror Story and all those reality shows that reproduce almost like spores.

Among the negative aspects to mention that it is necessary to register to be able to see the series and programs on demand. Also, the app doesn't seem too stable.

Download QR-Code Mitele - TV on demand Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free


The app with which we can see all the content on demand and live from Antena 3, La Sexta, NEOX, Nova, MEGA and other Atresmedia channels.

  • The good: Live broadcasts work perfectly. The best to see the Simpsons live, Big Bang Theory, or any other program / series that is broadcasting live. All this without the need for registration and in a reasonably fluid way.
  • The bad: The TV on demand service requires a registered user. In addition, some on-demand content (mainly US shows and shows) require a premium paid subscription.


FuboTV is a television platform that operates entirely online. It offers live broadcasting of Atresmedia programming, as well as other Spanish DTT channels. Likewise, it also has the Movistar Series channel, with series such as Game of Thrones and more than 1600 episodes of series on demand.

A quite interesting OTT platform for digital television with HD image and the ability to record programs directly from the app. The first 7 days of trial are free, from there, they are € 2.99 per month.

Download QR-Code fuboTV: Series, Movies and Live TV. Developer: fuboTV Price: Free

Children's TV channels


Probably the best children's channel on Spanish television. The mobile application is not too bad either: live online broadcast, and up to 18 cartoon series that we can see on demand. Virtually no ads, free, and no registration required.

It also has a section of iconic characters from the chain. The only negative point is that some of the channel's star series are missing, such as Dragon Ball Super, Adventure Time or ordinary stories.

Download QR-Code Boing App - Your free cartoon series and games Developer: Cartoon Network EMEA Price: Free

Clan RTVE Android

The Clan app follows a bit in the same vein as Boing. On the one hand, we have series and cartoons on demand in both Spanish and English. Episodes of Pokémon, Pocoyo, Los Lunnis, Peppa Pig and other Spanish television classics such as David the Gnome, Dartacán or Willy Fog.

On the other hand, it also offers a little extra. In this case, instead of games, what we find are drawings to paint and color. Excellent app for the little ones in the house, which, by the way, also has a version for Android TV.

Download QR-Code Clan RTVE Developer: RTVE Interactive Media Price: Free Download QR-Code Clan RTVE Android TV Developer: RTVE Medios Interactivos Price: Free

Disney Channel

The Disney Channel app offers a simple but effective interface and a good handful of series (Star Wars, Kim Possible, Penny in M.A.R.S.). Of course, the rigorous live online broadcast is also not lacking, but it falls a bit short in terms of on-demand content.

It has a large number of different series to watch, yes, but unfortunately it only offers a couple of episodes of each series or show. The amount of children's ads broadcast at the beginning of each stream can be a bit heavy, but otherwise a fairly stable and fluid app.

Register QR-Code Disney Channel Developer: Disney Price: To be announced


Despite having a not too flashy interface, HIRU3 (developed by EITB) is the best-rated TV-on-demand app for children on the Spanish grill. It does not have a live broadcast from ETB3, but it does offer a large selection of series and drawings on demand in Basque for children from 0 to 7 years old. There are also some other programs for older kids, but it is mainly aimed at a younger audience. It has series such as Maya the Bee, Voltron, Martin Mistery, 3Txulo and others.

Download QR-Code HIRU3 Developer: Euskal Irrati Telebista Price: Free

Regional TV channels


The Catalan television app offers live broadcasts of all its channels (TV3, 324, Esport3, 33, Super3 and TV3CAT), as well as on-demand content of programs already broadcast. It is compatible with Chromecast, has subtitles option and a more than positive assessment by users. The best application to closely follow Catalan news and all its programming.

Download QR-Code TV3 Developer: Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, SA Price: Free


The public television of the Basque Country is not far behind, and it also has an official app with live content and TV on demand. The design is a little less showy than other apps of the guild, although it is not lacking in content, which in the end is what matters. There are chapters and entire seasons of practically everything that has ever been broadcast on ETB. A real pass.

Download QR-Code EITB Developer: Euskal Irrati Telebista Price: Free


The Andalusian television app is one of the best valued in the sector (although it does not have many downloads). It presents an attractive interface and in terms of navigation it is very practical. Very oriented to social networks (with icons to share everywhere), it offers live broadcasting –also radio- and TV on demand of a large number of Canal Sur programs.

Download QR-Code Canal Sur TV Developer: CANAL SUR Price: Free

Finally, remember that many of these apps have regional blocking, which means that if we are on vacation or in another country, it is necessary to use a VPN connection to be able to watch TV content on demand.

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