The best series of HBO Spain above 8 according to IMDB

HBO Spain has always differentiated itself from the rest of the platforms and services of Video On Demand for offering content with very good ratings by specialized critics. Quality over quantity. But to what extent is that true?

If we take the magnifying glass for a walk and enter reference sites such as IMDB we see that there are currently more than 80 series -That is said quickly-, with a score higher than 8.0. At a time when series have reached levels of excellence that often surpass films in both production and narrative, this is a figure that is highly debated.

The best series of HBO Spain above 8 on IMDB

As a user of the platform (if you still don't have an account, take a look at this other post on “How to watch HBO Spain for free legally”) there are programs, series and miniseries that I like more and others that I like less. After looking at the IMDB list I think there are some notes that are a bit inflated and others that fall short and should be a bit higher on the list. Obviously this is for taste, so let's take a look at the ranking and we will comment on them a bit on the fly.

Series with a score equal to or greater than 9

  • Chernobyl (9.5)
  • Band of Brothers (9.5)
  • Game of Thrones (9.5)
  • The Wire (Re-mastered) (9.4)
  • Rick and Morty (9.3)
  • Westworld (9.2)
  • The Sopranos (9.2)
  • The visitor (9.1)
  • A gifted life (Aranyelet) (9.0)
  • Fargo (9.0)
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (9.0)
  • True Detective (9.0)

The true jewels in the crown of HBO Spain with already legendary titles on modern TV such as Los Sopranos, True Detective or the excellent The Wire. And what about Game of Thrones, the last great television phenomenon of the decade. However, it is interesting to see that the chain is still producing quality material in the middle of 2020, such as the shocking Chernobyl or The visitor, probably the best adaptation to date of a Stephen King novel. If to all this you add the crazy Rick and morty and the satirical-political program of John Oliver is a top that we could almost classify as historical.

Series with a score equal to or greater than 8.5

  • Primal (8.8)
  • Umbre (8.8)
  • The Handmaid's Tale (8.8)
  • Two meters underground (8.8)
  • Rome (8.8)
  • The Night Of (8.8)
  • From the Earth to the Moon (8.7)
  • Deadwood (8.7)
  • OZ (8.7)
  • Larry David (8.7)
  • The Eric Andre Show (8.6)
  • The Great Friend (8.6)
  • Vikings (8.6)
  • The Newsroom (8.6)
  • Boardwalk Empire (8.6)
  • Samurai Jack (8.5)
  • The Knick (8.5)
  • John Adams (8.5)
  • Generation Kill (8.5)
  • Pose (8.5)
  • Taboo (8.5)
  • Big Little Lies (8.5)
  • Silicon Valley (8.5)

My last great discovery of HBO Spain has been Curb your Enthusiasm, the Larry David show. If you are followers of Seinfeld - they say that Kramer's character was based on David - you will undoubtedly recognize many of the typical manias and clichés of the mythical 90s comedy, with masterful control when it comes to spinning the various subplots that make up each one of the episodes, brand of the house.

Another of my favorites from the last few years is Silicon Valley, a comedy that blasts all those big tech companies, along with the various stereotypes and fauna that inhabit them. If you liked I.T. Crowd you cannot ignore this great series, which incidentally just concluded this year with the premiere of its sixth and final season with a simply masterful ending.

Series with a score equal to or greater than 8.0

  • Grand Hotel (8.4)
  • Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead (8.4)
  • Euphoria (8.4)
  • State of the Union (8.4)
  • What we do in the shadows (8.4)
  • Olive Kitteridge (8.4)
  • Carnivale (8.4)
  • The Big Bang Theory (8.4)
  • Banshee (8.4)
  • Doom Patrol (8.3)
  • The Pacific (8.3)
  • Legion (8.3)
  • The Walking Dead (8.3)
  • Avila (8.3)
  • Killing Eve (8.3)
  • Strike Back (8.3)
  • Quarry (8.3)
  • In Therapy (8.3)
  • The Originals (8.2)
  • The Ministry of Time (8.2)
  • Les Revenants (8.2)
  • Devs (8.2)
  • The New Pope (8.2)
  • Santos Durmont (8.2)
  • Gentleman Jack (8.2)
  • Looking for Alaska (8.2)
  • Years and Years (8.2)
  • Warrior (8.2)
  • High Maintenance, the web series (8.2)
  • Angels in America (8.2)
  • Success (8.2)
  • Open Wounds (8.2)
  • The Business (8.2)
  • Preacher (8.2)
  • The Exorcist (8.2)
  • The Flash (8.2)
  • Robot Chicken: Star Wars Specials (8.1)
  • The Gemstones (8.1)
  • Beforeigners (The Visitors) (8.1)
  • Barry (8.1)
  • Counterpart (8.1)
  • Get Shorty (8.1)
  • The Deuce (The Times Square Chronicles) (8.1)
  • Veep (8.1)
  • Dark Matter (8.0)
  • No offense (8.0)
  • The Comeback (8.0)
  • Deadly Class (8.0)
  • The Bronze Garden (8.0)
  • The Leftovers (8.0)

Another of the great surprises of this season, at least on a personal level, has been the DEVS series. If Silicon Valley embraced the ironic and humorous side of technology, in DEVS the subject is approached from a much more philosophical and existentialist approach combined with high doses of science fiction. Miniseries written and directed by Alex Garland (director of Ex-Machina and Annihilation) that has nothing to envy to other series of the IT genre such as Mr. Robot.

HBO Spain also has series of the superhero branch, where I would undoubtedly stay with Doom patrol, based on the comics that Grant Morrison wrote for DC in the 90's. A title that has not transcended as much as other series (see The Flash or Watchmen), and that travels through much more evocative paths such as surrealism, where the characters and their Psyches are the central axis that moves the whole plot. A kind of X-Men where all its members are quite touched by the wing and there is no healthy one. Luckily, the production has enough humor and action in the most necessary moments, which help to give a most interesting packaging to the whole.

Lastly, I don't want to close this list without mentioning What we do in the shadows, the serialized version of the hilarious vampire movie of the same name shot by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) as a mockumentary in true The Office style. Cinnamon stick!

If you are interested in viewing any of these series remember that HBO Spain offers 2 weeks of access through your free trial period (I leave you the link right here below), more than enough time to hit a good streak of streaming with some of the best productions of the moment. Don't waste it!

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PS: I have marked my 10 favorite series from the IMDB ratings list in bold. If you want to leave your recommendations and personal rankings, do not hesitate to visit the comments area so that we can discuss them !!

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