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Android is a system that provides an infinite number of functionalities to our mobile phone. Unfortunately, there are things like block incoming calls, that have not yet been taken into account by our beloved green android in any of its serial versions. Fortunately, blocking phone numbers and the creation of blacklists It is something that the community has been contemplating for a long time. Nothing is as easy as installing an app for this purpose. In today's post we will see how to block phone calls on Android thanks to the app "Call blocker”.

Call blocker: the ideal application to avoid unwanted calls

Call blocker or Call Blocker is an application for Android that allows you to create blacklists of phone numbers. In other words, we can add telephone numbers to a list, and whenever any number on that list makes a call to our terminal, it will be blocked.

In addition to the blacklist function, this app also offers the possibility of blocking unknown numbers, allowing only calls from our contacts and several other things. Let's see:

Call blocker features

  • Blacklist: It allows you to create a black list and block any number that appears in that list. We can add the numbers by hand or select them from our contact list or call log.
  • White list: The white list does the exact opposite of the black list. We will only receive incoming calls from those numbers that we have added to the white list. The rest will be blocked.
  • Block unknown number: With this function we will block any call that is not in our contact list.
  • Block all: As the name suggests, all incoming calls will be blocked.

To choose the type of filter that we want to be executed we will have to go to the section of Settings (accessible from the top button) and select "Lock mode”.

From the settings menu we can also block private numbers and activate or deactivate notifications.

How do you block calls?

What the app does is hang up the calls of the numbers that we have decided to block. That is, when someone unwanted calls, a tone will sound and then the call will hang up, as if the recipient had rejected it. In our terminal instead, the call will not occur at any time.

Other apps to block calls

The Call Blocker app is very popular and is highly rated in the Google Play Store, and although it is very efficient and lightweight, the interface is a bit dated. In addition to this there are many other apps, also free, very similar, such as, for example, Call Blocker Free or Blacklist.

If you want to try them, here are the corresponding links for these applications on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Call Blocker Developer: AndroidRock Price: Free Download QR-Code Call Blocker Free - Blacklist Developer: Price: Free Download QR-Code Call and SMS Blocker - Calls Blacklist Developer: Vlad Lee Price: Free

What do you think of call blockers? Have you ever used them?

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