How to set or remove default apps on Android

Whenever we install a new app or launch a new phone, when performing an Android action it usually releases the following message: "Open with XXX ONLY ONCE or ALWAYS”. How am I going to decide right now if I want to always use that app? If I don't even know what I want for dinner tonight. That's too much responsibility for a poor indecisive man like me!

Many times we establish default apps that we want to remove, and vice versa, we have apps that we want to add as default applications for certain actions. In today's tutorial we are going to try to shed some light on this matter.

Today, we talk about how to set or disable predefined apps on Android. Simple and very easy to carry out.

How to delete default apps on Android

To prevent an action from being associated with the opening of an app by default, we must follow the following steps in the settings of our device:

  • We open the menu of "Settings"Or"Setting”.
  • Click on the settings of "Applications”.
  • We look for the default app that we want to unlink and click on it.
  • In the information screen of the application we select "Open by default”.
  • We click on the button "Clear defaults”.

In this way, Android will stop associating that application with all the actions for which it was predetermined.

How to set an app as the default on Android

If we already have a predefined app for a certain action (for example, open Chrome to browse the Internet) and we want to change it, we must follow the following steps:

  • First, we will have to unlink the current default app. To do this, we will follow the steps indicated in the previous section (we are going to “Application information"And select"Open by default -> Clear defaults”).
  • Next, we carry out the action that we want to link to the new app. We will get a message asking if we want to always use that application or only once. We select "FOREVER”And thus the app will be set as the default.

Following the example from before, let's say we want to change the default browser on Android from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome.

To do this, we will have to go to the Firefox settings and delete the default values ​​of the app. Then, we will try to open a link, for example, from WhatsApp or from email, and when it asks us with which application we want to open it, we will select "Chrome"And open"Always”. Thus, the app will be set as the default.

For the rest of the applications and actions, the process to follow will be the same.

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