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Youtube, the video platform owned by Google, has more than 1 billion users, Almost a third of all people who move on the Internet! Friend, YouTube is life!

Whether it is because we have a business and we are looking for a new avenue of promotion, or because we simply want to unleash one of our passions, creating a YouTube channel is always a good idea. Therefore, in today's tutorial we are going to see how to create a YouTube channel step by step. Finally, we will also upload a small sample video. Let's go there!

1 # Create an account on YouTube

The first thing we need to open and launch our channel is a Gmail account. YouTube, being owned by Google, the only thing it asks us for is an email account @ to log into its platform. That easy.

How to create a YouTube channel from your PC

From the browser, we access Youtube and click on the button "Log in”, Located in the upper right margin. Next, we log in with our email account and Gmail password.

If we don't have a Gmail account, then we will have to create one. Just click on "More options -> Create an account”And follow the prompts. It is a simple process that we can complete in a couple of minutes.

Once we are inside YouTube and with the session started, click on the icon of our user, and click on "My channel”. The first thing we will see will be a new window in which we can choose to create a personal channel (with our first and last name) or create a brand channel (basically to put whatever name we want).

In this case, we are going to create a channel where we will upload some music videos that I have been creating, so we will click on “Use a company name or other name”. If we wanted to create a personal channel, it would be enough to select “Create channel”. Well, we have our channel up and running!

How to create a YouTube account from Android

The process for creating a YouTube channel from your mobile or tablet is just as simple. In the case of AndroidAs most likely we already have a Gmail account associated with the terminal (remember that Android is also from Google), we simply have to enter the YouTube app and scroll to the "Account" section.

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Next, click on the drop-down located just below the user icon and select "My channel”.

As in the web version, we can create the channel by clicking on the option "Create channel”.

2 # Configure and customize your channel

Now that we have created our YouTube channel, it is the turn of personalize it with information, text and images.

Channel header and icon dimensions

What is most striking when entering a YouTube channel is the header or banner of the channel. If we want our channel to have personality we must add an icon and create a banner that gives us a distinctive touch (we can change the predefined image from "Add channel header”).

To make the header look good on all types of devices YouTube recommends uploading an image with dimensions of 2560 × 1440 pixels:

  • Minimum rise dimensions: 2048 × 1152 pixels.
  • Minimal security area for text and logos: 1546 × 423 pixels. If images exceed these dimensions, they may be cropped on some devices or display modes.
  • maximum width: 2560 × 423 pixels. In this way, the security area will always be visible, regardless of the size of the screen. The areas on each side of the channel layout will or will not be displayed depending on the size of the browser.
  • File size: It is recommended that it be 4 MB or less.

This already seems something else. Now that we have an image for our channel, we have to add some information so that people know what is going to be found in this corner of YouTube.

Important! Don't forget the description and the links

Just below the header we have the button "Channel description”. This is where we will write a small descriptive text of the channel (from Android we click on the icon of the wheel next to our user).

It is important that we add all the keywords for which we want people to find us on YouTube. If our channel is music, for example, we will make sure to include all styles, genres and influences of our songs, etc.

This is also a good place to add links to our favorite website and social networks.

3 # Upload your first video to YouTube

Now that we have the whole scenario ready, we just need to upload a video. If we want to create minimally elaborate videos we will need a good editor. Some of the most used by YouTubers are the Sony Vegas and the After effects, but we can start with something more practical like OpenShot, a simple and free video editor that to start editing is not bad at all.

Once we have prepared the video that we want to upload, we simply click on the icon "Upload”Located right next to our user, in the upper left margin of YouTube.

From Android, we can upload and record videos with the mobile camera by clicking on the camera icon. We will access a new screen from where we can upload videos stored in our terminal or record and upload a video instantly.

Once the video begins to be uploaded to YouTube, before we can publish it, we must include information about the video:

  • Title: Video title.
  • Description: A description of what we will find in the content we just uploaded.
  • Labels: Tags to identify and tag the video.

Ah! And let's not forget mark video as «Public« so that everyone can see the content we are uploading to the channel.

Finally, from the «Advanced configuration»We will select the category of the video (music, sports, games etc.). Once we have everything ready, we simply click on «To post«. Hooray, we've already uploaded our first video to YouTube!

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