90 free online courses to learn Chinese, Russian and Japanese

Hi friends! Last week we published a post with 90 free online courses to learn English, French and German, and seeing the interest that has aroused today we are going to take advantage of it to do the same with other languages ​​such as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Let's go there!

The first thing we should comment on is that all the courses included are in perfect Spanish, so we will not have to worry about not knowing English (many of the free online courses that we find on the Internet are in this language). Most are aimed at beginners, although we have also collected some intermediate courses for those users who want to dig a little deeper.

90 free online courses in Spanish to learn Chinese, Japanese and basic Russian

To prepare this list we have carried out a content curation process taking as sources educational platforms such as Udemy, Tutellus, Courserao AulaFacil, as well as specialized web pages (Chinoesfera, Everyday Russian, Kira Teachings), language pages (Duolingo, Babbel, Loecsen) and several free courses taught by teachers through YouTube.

Chinese courses

Learn Chinese!
Simplified Chinese Courses (Memrise)
Learn Chinese Online (Busuu)
Online Chinese course (Hablochino.com)
Free online Chinese course (Loecsen)
Interactive Chinese course in Spanish
Learning Chinese (CCTV)
Mandarin Chinese method (Chinese-china.com)
Free Mandarin Chinese Course (Chinoesfera)
Basic Chinese Specialized Program: Language and Business Culture
Basic Chinese: How to Make a Positive First Impression
Basic Chinese: Social Etiquette in Business
Basic Chinese: Business Travel
Final Project: Basic Chinese - Language and Business Culture
How to Speak Chinese in 40 Lessons (SCRIBD)
Basic Chinese Reading
Mandarin Chinese 2
Chinese Level I
Chinese II
Chinese III
Chinese IV
Chinese V
Chinese VI
Chinese VII
Chinese basic grammar II
Chinese Pronunciation with sounds
Chinese Readings
Chinese Readings II
Learn Mandarin Chinese Easily
Chinese for beginners
Chinese language courses
Mandarin Chinese Course
Practical Chinese course
Learn Cantonese Chinese

Japanese courses

Start Japanese - Your first 100 words!
Kanji: Learn the radicals
Japanese Courses in Spanish (Memrise)
Learn Japanese online (Busuu)
Japanese course (Loecsen)
Learn Japanese online (Kira-Teachings)
Let's talk in Japanese (NHK World Japan)
Learn Japanese (mylanguages.org)
Learn Japanese Singing (lyricstraining.com)
Initial Japanese
Japanese (Elementary level)
Japanese (Elementary Level) II
Japanese Internship N5 (basic level)
Learn Japanese while you sleep
Japanese course in Spanish (Japan Foundation)
A Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar
Learn Japanese for Free (Japolatino)
Japanese Course in Spanish
Kizuna Kira sensei course
Japanese course: absolute beginner
Basic Japanese classes
Basic and easy Japanese course JLPT N5
Learn Japanese - Course, Japanese tutorial
JLPT N5 preparation COURSE

Russian courses

Online Russian course
Russian course from Spanish (Duolingo)
Russian Courses for Spanish Speakers (Memrise)
Russian courses in Spanish (Babbel)
Learn Russian for free (russianforfree.com)
Russian course (Loecsen)
Learn Russian step by step in Spanish
Learn to read, write, speak and think in the native Pushkin language
Free online Russian lessons (Everyday Russian)
Russian II
Russian III
Russian IV
Learn Russian online (Busuu)
Russian and Soviet songs translated into Spanish
Russian from scratch
Russian Elementary Grammar
Russian Beginning Grammar-Middle
Russian grammar initial-medium II
Russian Initial-Middle Grammar (III)
Russian Grammar - Medium Level
Russian Intermediate Level
Initial-Middle Russian (II)
Russian I readings
Russian Readings Situations
Russian classes (HelloRusia)
Complete Russian course (Carlos Díaz)
Russian course (Osvaldo Cursi)
Russian course (Maro Rostar)
500 basic words of the Russian language

If you are interested in other types of courses or want to see other similar posts, do not forget to visit the section FREE THINGS where you will find much more interesting material.

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