MIrror Lab, cool photo editor to create amazing mirror effects

The world of apps photo editing on Android they are a genre unto themselves. Here we find editors as professional and with so many features as the Pixlr from Autodesk or Prisma, and others somewhat more limited but super imaginative like the retro editor 8 Bit Photo Lab.

Mirror Lab: the app to create impressive mirror and kaleidoscopic effects on Android

Today we take a look at Mirror Lab, a free image editing app for Android developed by the Ilixa company and with which we can give our most boring photos a psychotropic spin to turn them into something really crazy.

The name of the application could not be more appropriate, since we are facing a real mirror laboratory. With Mirror Lab we can take a photo and create simple but effective reflection effects, or completely distort the image with kaleidoscopic images.

A range of effects and filters more than satisfactory in its free version

One of the best points of this application is that in its free version it offers us a good handful of effects and editing options so as not to need to switch to the paid version.

On the one hand, we have a series of predefined filters With which we can play creating symmetrical images, fractal effects, kaleidoscopic and all kinds of mirror games. If with this we do not have enough, we also have a Manual mode from which we can apply the modifications to taste to create just the effect we are looking for.

Download Mirrror Lab on your mobile or tablet

MIrror Lab has a very positive 4.5 star rating on Google Play, and more than 100,000 installs behind it. If you like filters and image editing, you can try this interesting application for Android through the following download link:

Download QR-Code Mirror Lab Developer: Ilixa Price: Free

In short, an application that gives a lot of play and with which we can even lose track of time, trapped in an infinite loop of symmetrical reflections.

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