KZ-ES3: High-fidelity detachable in-ear headphones

The truth is that the headphones had always thrown me back in-ear. I do not know if it would be because so far I had not tried any of a decent quality or what, but all my life I have lived enchanted with the classic headband helmets, or the more manageable on-ear.

All these prejudices have been changing in recent years, when I have finally been able to taste it on my own meat true quality in-ear headphones –You can see some of them in the various reviews that I have posted on the blog-, and I have realized how cool they are and how practical they become in certain situations.

KZ-ES3, detachable Bluetooth convertible headphones

The KZ-ES3 are in-ear headphones with HiFi quality that have an interesting as well as curious peculiarity: we can disassemble them. This allows us to substitute 3.5mm cable in case it breaks, or better yet, swap it out for a new wiring module to turn them into a headset Bluetooth. As you can see, a practical idea at best.


KZ-ES3 Headphones Features

  • Wide frequency range 20-40KHz.
  • Hybrid Driver: 10mm Dynamic Drive and 90035 Balancing Drive.
  • L-shaped gold-plated 3.5mm jack.
  • High definition microphone.
  • Allows you to answer calls, use a microphone and switch songs from the headphone controller.
  • High definition sound with well defined bass.

The driver used to control the sound is hybrid. On the one hand, it uses the technology of the dynamic driver to control the bass, and on the other, the balance driver for the highest sounds to deliver a sound of great detail and balanced.

Price and availability

The KZ-ES3 have just been presented in society, and their official price is $ 15.99. They are currently in promotion on GearBest, so During this week - from September 4 to 11 - they can be obtained at a reduced price of $ 9.99, just under 8 and a half euros.

Also, every day starting at 9:00 (UTC), the first 30 units will be even cheaper: only $ 5.99.

Finally, if you want to get these headphones at the best price, but you don't have any fuss, you can also use the following discount coupon and take it home directly for $ 5.85, about € 4.90.

Coupon Code: VKZZSE

Do not forget to take a look at this interesting GearBest promotion, since in addition to the aforementioned offers they are also giving away headphone cases and offers for other KZ brand gadgets, such as the Bluetooth module and other manufacturer headphones.

GearBest | KZ-ES3 detachable headphones promotion

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