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If you work on a local area network, such as an office, and you have multiple printers from which to print at some point you will need to set up a new printer on your computer.

Keep in mind that a network shared printer can be configured in 3 different ways, and in each case the steps to follow to add the printer to your list will be different. Before trying to add the printer to the brava, find out how it is configured:

  • Printing machine connected directly to the network socket.
  • Printer configured on a server of impression.
  • Printing machine shared from another computer.

Printer connected directly to the network (TCP / IP)

In this case the printer is directly connected to a network socket, and has an assigned IP address. To add this type of printer to your computer you will need to know what is the IP of the printer and the drivers Of the same.

How can I find out what the IP of the printer is?

Ask the technician who installed the printer, or find a colleague who already has the printer installed. On the teammate's team, from «Home »->» Devices and Printers » select the printer with the right button and click on “Printer properties”. A new window will open. From the tab "ports”Look for the line that has the checkbox marked:

In the case of the image, the IP of the printer is

How do I get the printer drivers?

You can download the drivers for any printer from the manufacturer's website. Search Google for the drivers indicating the exact make and model and enter the manufacturer's page to download them. Do not be fooled by other pages that are not those of the manufacturer itself, since many of these websites will ask you for something in exchange for the drivers (they will install their own program or request money in exchange for the driver, and none of this is really necessary) .

How do I install the printer?

Now that you have the drivers and you know what the IP is, the first thing to do is launch the driver installation package. If the downloaded drivers come in an executable file (.exe), just run the driver package and it will guide you through the installation of the printer.

If you do not have the installation package, and you have downloaded the drivers "bareback" you have to perform the installation by hand:

From the start button go to "Devices and printers”.

Add a printer”.

Choose "Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer” -> “Printer is not on the list", next "Add a printer by TCP / IP address or hostname" and "Next”.

In the next window you have to indicate that the device type is "TCP / IP device”And in the host name or IP address write down the IP address of the printer (the image below reads, but in your case you must put the IP address of the printer you want to install).

Press "Next”And the system will try to locate the printer. Next it will ask you to install the printer drivers. Find your printer driver: It is a file .inf and you will find it in the drivers folder that you have downloaded from the manufacturer's page.

Select the driver and the drivers for your printer will be installed. Press "Next" and "Finalize”To finish the installation. The system will ask you if you want this new printer to be the default printer. Tell him yes if this is the printer you are going to use by default.

Printer hanging from a print server

This is the simplest case when adding a network printer. The printer in question is configured on a print server and managed from there. This means that the printer already has its corresponding drivers installed and you just have to add it to your computer and that's it. How do we do it?

From "Beginning”->”Devices and printers"Go to"Add a printer”. Choose "Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer” -> “Printer is not on the list”.

Write the name of the server and the name of the printer in the same format as indicated in the image, starting with "\" to refer to the server and later including "\" to indicate the printer that hangs from it.

Press next and the printer will automatically be added to your list.

Shared printer from another computer

To add a printer that is connected to another computer you must follow the same steps as when you add a printer that hangs from a server, but instead of indicating the name of the server you have to mention the name of the computer or its IP and the name of the printer. For example, \ pcmaite \ HP LaserJet 1600. In this case the installation wizard will ask you to install the printer drivers (* .inf file), so remember that you must have it on hand to complete the installation successfully. Also keep in mind that the printer must be in shared mode from the computer to which it is connected, if not, it will be useless if we try to add it.

This is a basic guide to add a network printer to a computer, but from experience I tell you that each network and each company is a world and there are many variants and small details that may be different in the installation process, although to make us one basic idea I think is a good start.

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