Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, brutal video converter for PC

If you are regular readers of this blog, surely you have heard me talk about theWonderfox HD Video Converter Factory. It is a converter for desktop computers developed by Wonderfox that allows us to make all kinds of video and audio format changes, as well as a lot of extra features.

In today's review we are going to talk about HD Video Converter Factory Pro, the professional version of this interesting converter. An application that has both a free and paid version, and that is applied as one of the best alternatives when it comes to multimedia conversion.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, professional HD video converter with support for 60fps and 5X compression

One of the best features of Factory Pro is its interface. I will never tire of saying that this is one of the most important success factors in this type of program. If it is easy to use, people will always use it ahead of other more complicated or elaborate tools.

In this case, in addition, this is complemented by a very comprehensive package of functionalities, ranging from converting to all kinds of formats up to direct downloading of videos from the Internet or a compression ratio up to 5X over the original file.

Converter main features

  • Converting HD videos to general format.
  • Convert SD videos to HD format.
  • Support for 60fps conversion.
  • Downloading videos from the Internet by URL. It works with platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.
  • Convert any type of audio formats.
  • 5X compression ratio
  • High conversion speed.
  • Merge of multiple files.
  • Small editing tasks (effects, crop).

Putting the program to work: the litmus test

The 2 features that most attract my attention about the HD Video Converter Factory Pro are those of SD to HD conversion and compression ratio that the tool promises. So nothing better than putting it to the test.

Converting Low Resolution Videos (SD) to HD Format

Among its specifications, the converter promises to improve video quality with an advanced HD video encoding core. To check, I am going to take a low quality video and I am going to try to improve it.

We can do this by moving the tab of the section "Output Format”From your current position to DVD (480p), HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), or UHD (4K).

For this test I have taken a 24-minute animation video in MKV format, with a resolution of 480p and 23.81fps, with a weight of 149MB. The result, a MKV HD file at 720p and a size of 556MB. The HD conversion process for this video took about 30 minutes.

Before converting, we can also click on "Settings" to increase or modify the video and audio codecs. Thus, we can adjust things like the Encoder, the Frame Rate and the Bit Rate from the file.

Expanding the compression level of a file up to 5 times

For this last test, I am going to take the same 149MB video file and compress it by 32%. In this way, the video will weigh 101MB. We can do this by simply adjusting the scroll bar of "Compression Settings"To our liking. The result, a file with the same resolution as the original, but with a higher level of compression and lighter.

The quality difference with a compression of 30% in this case is minimal.

In this case the process is much faster, taking less than 10 minutes and maintaining a remarkable video quality (although that will depend on the level of compression that we apply, of course).

Convert files to all kinds of formats imaginable

HD Video Converter Factory Pro has practically all video and audio formats to convert with each other. One of the advantages over other applications of the guild is that it allows set the format according to the device to be played on.

Thus, we can convert videos adapted for the screen and resolution of iPhone, Devices Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and many other brands. This is a function that I have always liked, and it is appreciated that there are still tools that offer it as standard.

Being able to choose the format according to the device is a hoot.

Download Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro right now!

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro license is priced at $ 69.95. It is currently on sale for a price of $ 34.95, just under 30 euros, available for download from the official Wonderfox page HERE.

For all those readers interested in getting this tool, I have achieved a 58% discount on its original price, staying at $ 29.95, about 24 euros to change. An exclusive discount that you can access through the following LINK.

The tool also has a free version with fewer features but just as versatile, and that for many it may be more than enough. You can get it from the Wonderfox download section.

Definitely, one of the most complete and powerful converters that we will find today, and a whole tool to consider for those who work in fansubs and similar tasks, or for those who need the perfect format with the perfect resolution and bitrate for their favorite multimedia device.

You can get more information about HD Video Converter Factory Pro at the official Wonderfox website.

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