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We started the week talking about a new customization app for Android. This time we are going to take a look atCornerfly, a free app whose function is to give the screen of any phone or tablet rounded edges with Android operating system.

Curve your screen with Cornerfly

Phones with curved edges are the order of the day: they stylize and give the terminal a very attractive appearance. The same does not happen with the screens, since they are still square, with its corresponding angular corners, and this reduces a certain aesthetic symmetry to the whole device. With Cornerfly we can modify the appearance of the screen of our Android by softening the edges and curving them so that resemble the physical edges of the phone.

Detailed configuration options

Cornerfly works with both the Android desktop and full-screen applications. In addition, it has a very careful configuration menu from where you can adjust every detail of the border customization.

Keep in mind that not everyone has phones or tablets with black fronts, so the app also gives us the option to assign the color we want to the border. If our smartphone is white, the edges also have to be white, of course!

It also has an app filter for those to which we do not want to apply rounding and an individual corner appliqué for each of the edges of the screen.

In general, we are facing a fairly effective customization app that attacks a very interesting aesthetic point and that at a visual level is nothing more than a detail, but oh, what would life be without the small details?

Download QR-Code Cornerfly Developer: Flyperinc Price: Free

Cornerfly is an app developed by Flyperinc, currently has a rating of 4.2 / 5 on Google Play and more than 100,000 downloads behind it. It has a paid premium version but the standard version is fully functional and free.

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