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Currently there are a good handful of applications to make video calls with your mobile, although it is not always the best or most comfortable option. If we are working from home and we need to join a professional videoconference, the most normal thing is that we connect from a computer, where we have all the corporate material at hand. But what happens if we don't have a webcam or the one we have is of very low quality?

In that case instead of pulling for more or less ingenious solutions, we can opt for turn our mobile into a professional webcam that we can use on the PC. Considering that today's mobiles have really good cameras, it actually makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? For this we will use an app called DroidCam, which is free and makes things really easy for us. Let's see how it works.

DroidCam, the Android application that turns the mobile camera into a webcam for the computer

The star function of DroidCam, beyond its technical characteristics, is the ease it offers to connect the mobile camera to the PC, either via Wi-Fi connection or via USB cable. The installation process is really simple:

  • Install the DroidCam app from the Google Play Store.
  • Download and install the DroidCam client on your PC. Versions are available for both Windows and Linux.
  • Make sure that both the mobile phone and the computer are connected to the same network.
  • Open the DroidCam app on your Android device. A screen will load where you will see the connection data of the webcam (IP address and port).

  • Open the DroidCam client on your computer. Enter the IP address indicated on the mobile screen in the field "Device IP”And check that the port is the same on both devices. If your PC doesn't have a microphone, make sure to also check the box "Audio”So that the sound is captured from the mobile. When you have everything ready, click on "Start”.

The connection will automatically be established and we can start using the phone's camera as if it were a webcam for all purposes, with which we can make video calls on Skype, record a live show on Twitch or whatever we want.

In addition to that, the application also gives us the possibility of accessing the webcam as if it were an IP camera directly from a browser, by entering the Wifi IP address and the port in the address bar.

It should also be clarified that DroidCam also has a premium version called DroidCam X which includes several extras, such as the ability to also broadcast vertically and increase HD image quality up to 720p, as well as other additional settings. An expense that involves a little more than 4 euros, but that can be very useful if we are going to give the application frequent use.

Download QR-Code DroidCam Wireless Webcam Developer: Dev47Apps Price: Free

In short, a basic tool for anyone who has an Android device and wants to take advantage of it by performing additional tasks like this one that we just discussed. Very recommendable.

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