Lenovo Moto Z Play review: great battery and great camera, yes sir!

Today we are going to talk to you about a smartphone that although its official release was back in September, it is now when it becomes a really attractive terminal. The Moto Z are the high-end terminals of Motorola, and the Moto Z Play is the version Light of the series. A terminal mid-high range that went on the market with an official price of 500 euros, and that we can now get for less than 350 euros. A value for money that makes this smartphone right now a very balanced device between what it asks for and what it offers.

So let's dive into the Moto Z Play review and let's see what cards this terminal plays with, which according to Motorola, is the one that better use makes of the battery today above the rest of the company's phones.

Design and display

In terms of design, it should be noted that we are facing a modular phone. That is, it is a Smartphone to which we can add modules or hardware extensions. This Moto Z Play is therefore designed to accept modules Moto Z Mods Motorola (gadget that exponentially increase several very specific aspects of the device).

As for the screen, you saw a panel 5.5-inch AMOLED with FullHD resolution. A good screen that will allow us to enjoy photos and videos with a beautiful happy smile on our face.

Power and performance

How could it be otherwise, this Moto Z Play incorporates a SnapDragon processor, in this case the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 at 2.0GHz clock frequency and aGPU Adreno 506 to move the device graphics. Accompanied by 3GB of RAM, We are facing a terminal with efficient and quality hardware that ensures a performance well above the average in which the current mid-range moves.

To finish rounding the technical finish, they are incorporated 64GB of internal storage space (expandable) and Android 6.0 as captain in command of the ship.

Camera and battery

We come to the strengths of the terminal, which are nothing other than its camera and battery.

Regarding the camera, the Moto Z Play incorporates a 16MP rear lens with PDAF flash (5MP for selfies). If we are more than just amateurs of photography, it also offers the possibility of adding the Hasselblad module , a mod that adds features like 10x optical zoom and flash Xenon. Or the module Insta-Share Projector , a mod that turns the phone into a projector capable of projecting images and videos up to 70 inches.

The battery for its part has fast charging and a capacity of 3510mAh, which together with a good management of the terminal resources offers the greatest autonomy presented to date by a terminal of the company. If we needed a battery plus, we would also have the option of adding a new module, in this case a power pack with 2200mAh extra power.

Left: Hasselblad module | Right: projector module

Price and availability

As we mentioned at the beginning, this may be a good time to assess the acquisition of the Moto Z Play, since Its price today could not be more attractive, 344 euros (or $ 379 to change).

If you want to know more details about this phone and take a look at other offers such as those dedicated to Moto Z and to Moto Mods, do not hesitate to take a look at the link that you can see below, courtesy of GearBest.

Moto Z Play, a terminal with many possibilities and that finally presents a more than reasonable sale price. Do not lose sight of it!

GearBest | Moto Z, Moto Z Play and Moto Mods terminals

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